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TVEA Advocate 2017-2018

We are proud to share that TVEA has won Communications Awards for the Newsletters we produce. TVEA will continue to produce award worthy but more importantly relevant and timely communique's to our membership. We hope you enjoy reading our TVEA Advocate.


Read All About It


  • Presidents Message:  TVEA Will Continue to Thrive in Post Janus Case Era

  • TVEA Recommends Adam Skumawitz for TVUSD Governing Board District 4 Seat

  • Thirteen Sites Elect Thirty-Five Site Leaders to Date for 2018-19

  • TVEA Family Connection Feature:  Andy and Tiana Fox

  • End of the Year Recognitions



Membership Matters


  • President's Message: Site Advocacy

  • Committee Feature: Insurance Advisory

  • TVEA OVATION! Springs into Sites

  • CTA Institute for Teaching Grant Updates

  • 2018 Executive Board Elections Announced

  • TVEA Family Connection:  Max and Gail Cantu



Contract Ratified


  • TVEA Members Approve New Contract and Ready for 2018-19 Negotiations

  • Presidents Message:  Communication is Key

  • Know Your Rights:  Teacher Safety and Student Discipline

  • California 2018-19 State Budget Update and the Work of the TVEA Ad Hoc Budget Committee

  • Radcliffe Family (Mom Nanci and Children Allison and Christopher) Cover Teaching Tracks Across TVUSD



State of the Union


  • Report on the TVEA All-Member Meeting from Tuesday

  • Know Your Rights!  When Do I Have the Right to Union Representation?

  • Launch of TVEA OVATION! Member Recognition Program

  • Update on the Janus V AFSCME Supreme Court Case

  • TVEA Family Connection Feature:  Frank and Chrissy Bantle Family



Sharing our Brand


  • Know Your Contract:  Article 13- Evaluation

  • President’s Message:  The Significance of Labor Day in September 2017

  • Sharing Our Brand:  TVEA Banners Visible at School Sites

  • TVEA Family Connection:  The Sister and Brother Team of Christina and James Fenney

  • Advocating on Your Behalf:  TVEA Public Records Request Reveals TVUSD Cabinet Salary History

  • Meet the New Members of Your 2017-18 TVEA Executive Board



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