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Position Specialists

Position Specialists of the Temecula Valley Educators Association are appointed representatives who help make up the Leadership Council, the policy making body of the Association. The term of a Position Specialist is one school year.  


Position Specialists seek input and gather feedback from the group(s) they represent and express their views during Leadership Council meetings. 


To learn more about the responsibilities of the Position Specialists, please read the Position Specialist Description.


One Position Specialist in each of the following group(s) shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board to communicate the interests of the groups below. 



Student Support Services
Position Specialist
Lilybel Overa & Tina Marks
Special Day Class Teachers & Special Education Professionals
Position Specialist
Suzanne Kurtz
  1. Counselors

  2. LCAP High School Counseling Specialists

  3. LCAP Middle School Counseling Specialists

  4. Licensed Clinical Social Workers

  5. School Social Workers

  6. Student Assistance Program Facilitator

  7. Lead Nurse

  8. Student Nurses


  1. Special Day Class (SDC): Emotionally Disturbed, Non-Severe, Severely Handicapped

  2. Behavioral Analyst/Behavioral Health Support Specialist

  3. Autism Specialist

  4. Teacher SDC Preschool

  5. Teacher Adaptive P.E. 

  6. Teacher Deaf & Hard of Hearing

  7. Teacher Virtual Specialized Academic Instruction

Academic Specialists
Position Specialist



Position Specialist
Mary Huber

  1. Family Engagement Specialist

  2. LCAP K-5 Intervention Literacy Specialist

  3. LCAP Language Arts Specialist

  4. LCAP Supplemental Math Specialist

  5. LCAP Intervention Support Specialist

  6. LCAP Supplemental Support Specialist

  7. K-12 Math Specialist

  8. Elementary Intervention Specialist

  9. Supplemental Instruction Specialist

  10. Educational Coach

Speech and Language Pathologist


Position Specialist
Deana Viaene-Wick

Resource Specialists
Position Specialist
Erika Doyle
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