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TVEA Smores 2023-2024

TVEA sends out communication via smore as a way to share timely, valuable, important information from our Leadership. Please be sure to mark emails from as safe emails. 

If you are not receiving TVEA smores, please email

New Members

Welcome to TVEA 

October News 

Get to Know You 

Get to Know You RSVP 

December News 

Meet your TVEA Leaders

TVEA Leadership 2023-24

Bargaining Updates

Compensation Settled 2023-2024

Tentative Agreement on 2023-24 Compensation with TVUSD

Tentative Agreement Vote Passes

Support your Contract at the TVUSD Governing Board Meeting

Bargaining Update October 19,2023 

Grievance Messages

TVEA Today Injured at Work, 

TVEA Grievance - Notification of Suspensions 12/12

Conferences 2023-2024

Conference Application

Insurance Messages

Open enrollment for Health Insurance August 9-25, 2023

Organizing Messages

AskMeHow! Organizing around Parent Teacher Conferences

Message from your President

Back to School 2023

August 30,2023

September 18,2023 

Grievance Committee, AdHoc Budget, Bargaining, PAC, Spotlight 

October 6, 2023 
Rights as an employee, The Standard, Calendar, TVEA Store  

October 9, 2023 

Frightful out there social, Contract under attack 

October 11, 2023 
A Fair and Even Playing Field 

October 20, 2023 
Congratulations on 8% Compensation, Injured at Work, Thursday Night Lights, Virtual retirement Workshop 

October 24, 2023
Thursday Night Lights!, TVEA SWAG Orders, Virtual Retirement Workshop 

November 9, 2023
Superintendent Selection, TVEA Mission Statement, TVEA Budget and Dues increase, Bargaining Update


December 11, 2023 
General Membership Leadership Council of TVEA, TVEA Committees, Advocate, TVUSD School Board Advocacy, Calendar 

December 18,  2023 

PAC Messages

School Board Discussions

Is the TVUSD School Board Demonstrating Good Governance? 

Do you trust the TVUSD Board Members to keep TVUSD solvent? 

Are TVUSD Board Trustees creating a safe environment for ALL students and teachers? 

Building the TVEA Political Action Committee Fund 

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