Your Leadership Council

The policy-making body of TVEA is the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council, is comprised of Active members of the Association, which derives its powers from and is responsible to the membership. Site Leaders are elected annually by the Active members of the site for a term of one year.  Each site is allowed one (1) Site Leader for every twenty (20) Active certificated staff members or major faction thereof.


Site Leaders are responsible for conducting constant and ongoing communication between the Executive Board and members of the school site.  They are to serve as the official channel through which written communications and publications via print or email can be easily and quickly transmitted between the Association and its members.  They are to represent the views and input of the membership of the school site in votes taken in the Leadership Council and conduct frequent and regular polls of such membership for this purpose.  They also perform such additional duties as prescribed by the Executive Board and run elections on their site, in which he or she is not a candidate.

Leadership Council  2020-2021

Elementary Site Leaders

AES - Alamos Elementary School

Jennifer Catalano

ARES - Abby Reinke Elementary School

Stephen Miller

BES - Ysabel Barnett Elementary School

Felicia Simon

Vivi Souvanlasy


CHES - Crown Hill Elementary School

Suzanne Kurtz

FVES - French Valley Elementary Schoo

Kari Carlson

Rachael Blanton

JES - Helen Hunt Jackson Elementary School

Tiffany Suetos


LES - Susan La Vorgna Elementary School

Katy Depauw

Dana Newton

NVES - Nicolas Valley Elementary School

Greta Carter


PES - Paloma Elementary School

Michele Conrad
Carrie Nimmo

PVES - Pauba Valley Elementary School

Kim Tucker

Becky Bogardus


RES - Rancho Elementary School

David Handzlik

RHES - Red Hawk Elementary School

Amber Kott
Joanne Paez


TES - Temecula Elementary School

Kerri Bodemer


TLES - Temecula Luiseno Elementary School

Lynn Breen

Belisa Guerrrero


TTES - Tony Tobin Elementary School


VES - Vail Elementary School 

Wendy Matteson

VHES - Vintage Hills Elementary School 

Stephanie D 'Andrea

Michelle Thompson

Virtual Site Leader

HIIA - Home Instead Innovation Academy

​Alison Sykes


Middle School Site Leaders​

BVMS - Bella Vista Middle School

Rebecca Williams

Kim Kocaya


DMS - James L Day Middle School

William Breglio

Barbara Dowling

GMS - Gardner Middle School

Tammie Schertzer

Anne Marie Curtis

MMS - Margarita Middle School

Chris Pepes

Feartatious Hogan

TMS - Temecula Middle School

Dirk Fonseca

VRMS - Vail Ranch Middle School

Cynthia Lopez

High School Site Leaders​

CHS - Chaparral High School

Rob Clause

Lori Fujioka

Rob Hodo

Mike Hebebrand

GOHS - Great Oak High School

Brianna McKiddy

Chris Meglio

Lisa Balka

Carla Bornino


TVHS - Temecula Valley High School

Lauren Toman

Derek Heid

Mary Meredith

Veronica Kubes

Stevie Collins


Continuation High School
RVHS - Rancho Vista High School


Independent Study High School

SHNHS - Susan H Nelson School

Adult School

TVAS - Temecula Valley Adult School

Virtual School

TAVS - Temecula Advantage Virtual School

Debra Washko



Position Specialists

Counselor/Social Workers/Nurses 

School Psychologists
Jamie Mainwaring

Speech Language Pathologists

Academic Specialist

Michelle Nelson

Special Education Teachers/Specialists

Resource Specialists


Committee Chairs


Brian Balaris

Adhoc Budget

Lowena Manzano


Kim De La Cruz

Insurance Advisory

Lynn Breen

Political Action

Jeff Kingsberg
Diana Arban

Member Engagement Coordinator

Belisa Guerrero

New Member

Claudia Candray​

Generation Next Chapter

Kerri Bodemer

Special Education 

Melissa Gibson


Alan Underwood

Michelle Nelson

LCAP Consult

Julianne Dickinson
Lauren Davis


Insurance & Professional Development
Kristen Morales