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When you join TVEA you are also joining CTA and NEA. There are many automatic benefits that you receive from joining our Association

NEA/CTA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Insurance

CTA Legal Services Department


Every CTA member receives coverage for legal defense costs in lawsuits arising out of his or her educational employment activities.
The Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Insurance policy provides the following benefits:

  • Educators Liability - Up to $1,000,000 coverage for legal defense costs in civil suits (except civil rights cases) arising out of educational employment activities

  • Legal Defense Cost - Up to $3,000,000 per member per occurance not to include any civil rights or civil rights claims.

  • Reimbursement of Attorney Fees  - $35,000 reimbursement of attorney fees and costs to defend employment-related criminal proceedings.

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NEA Complimentary Life Insurance (formerly known as NEA DUES-TAB)

NEA Member Benefits



The free NEA Complimentary Life Insurance pays benefits if an eligible NEA/CTA member dies or becomes dismembered.

Why You Want It
This complimentary coverage includes:

  • Up to $1,000 of term life insurance

  • Up to $5,000 of accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage

  • $50,000 of AD&D insurance for any covered accident that occurs on the job or while serving as an Association Leader†

  • $150,000 of life insurance for unlawful homicide while on the job

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CTA Death and Dismemberment (D&D) Plan

CTA Member Benefits Department


The CTA Death and Dismemberment (D&D) Plan is an automatic benefit available to eligible CTA members at no additional cost. If an eligible CTA member dies or suffers a dismemberment (i.e., suffers a loss of limb or other qualifying injury), her/his beneficiary(ies) will receive a lump-sum cash payment.


Why You Want It
The CTA D&D Plan provides: 

  • A Death Benefit of up to $2000

  • An Accidental Death and Accidental Dismemberment Benefit of up to $10,000

  • A $50,000 Benefit if a member dies or suffers a dismemberment due to an accident or assault while engaged in any activity which was in the expressed or implied terms of his or her occupation, or while acting in the capacity of an Association Leader.

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CTA Disaster Relief

FACT Office


The Disaster Relief Fund is a separate, special fund just for members of CTA. The fund is endowed to provide financial assistance to CTA members who have experienced significant losses due to disasters in California


Summary of Benefits

The Disaster Relief Fund now provides four different benefits. These different benefits are summarized below. Please refer to the instruction pages for each for eligibility, qualification criteria and verification requirements.

  • Standard Grant:  CTA members may receive up to $1,500 for significant economic hardship related to damage to their primary residence, displacement or disruption in required utilities.

  • Catastrophic Damage Grant:  Recipients of the Standard Grant may be eligible for up to another $1,500 if damages exceed $50,000.

  • Temporary Displacement Grant:  A grant of up to $500 may be available for members who are displaced from their primary residence as the result of a disaster, but do not meet the requirements for a Standard Grant.

  • School Site Grant:  Members may receive up to $500 for damage to their classroom.


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Voluntary Insurance Benefits

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