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TVEA LCAP Consult Committee 



The purpose  of the TVEA LCAP Committee is to support LCAP students
by ensuring quality educational services, improving  teaching and learning conditions for students who are identified under the Local Control Accountability Plan.

In order to accomplish this goal, TVEA LCAP assesses needs, gathers input from various stakeholders, meets with TVUSD to provide direction, and influences the development of TVUSD’s Local Control Accountability Plan.

LCAP Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is LCAP and why should I be interested?

A. LCAP stands for Local Control Accountability Plan and is a component of the State of California Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).  School districts receive supplemental dollars through LCAP.  The intent is to have local stakeholders including Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and Students determine how to best utilize these dollars at the local level.  Each school district is required to seek input from these groups before submitting an LCAP plan to their Governing Board for approval.

Q.  How are LCAP monies distributed by the state of California and where does TVUSD stand in the LCAP compared to local neighboring districts?

LCAP revenue is generated based on the percentage of students in a district which are considered English Language Learners, Free and Reduced Lunch Students, or Foster Youth.   The number of students which fit into any one of these categories creates an Unduplicated Pupil Percentage (UPP).  TVUSD’s percentage of UPP is approximately 25% of its students.  Murrieta Valley has about 35% while the number in Lake Elsinore and Hemet range from 60-80%.

TVUSD has claimed a disadvantage in receiving less LCAP monies under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) than neighboring districts and we do in fact receive less monies. Yet it can be argued that TVUSD has a lesser obligation to provide actions and services to qualifying LCAP students since we have a significantly smaller ratio in our student population.

Q. What is the current major actions and services of TVUSD’s LCAP Plan?

Please click on this link to view the 2019-2020 Action and Services 

Q. What is TVEA’s role in developing the LCAP and what has our association advocated for?

A. TVEA does not negotiate with TVUSD on LCAP as we do with contractual components, yet we do have a critical consultation role.  The TVEA LCAP Consult Committee consults with the district twice yearly to share proposals and exchange ideas. 

TVEA has utilized surveys in years past to get input regarding LCAP.  

  • In 2014-15 we surveyed our Leadership Council and last year we surveyed our entire membership.  In 2015-16 LCAP, we identified the need for Physical Education and VAPA Specialists at the elementary level and Counseling Support at the high school level. 

  • In 2016-17, we spoke to two broad interests: 
    1) Utilizing LCAP resources at sites which have a high number or percentage of UPP students, and
    2) Providing Site Based Information and Seeking Site Based Feedback about desired LCAP Actions and Services.

  • 2017-18 we surveyed the memberships knowledge and understanding of the LCAP,  and Discretionary Funds. In addition we broke our membership down into grade level groups.   For our Elementary Members, we surveyed input regarding PBIS, VAPA Programs and Specialist Positions, PE Specialist Positions, and SPED Support Services. For our Middle School Members, we surveyed input regarding Math Specialists, English Learner Supports, and Elective Wheel. For our High School Members, we surveyed input regarding Math Specialists, LCAP Counselors, AVID Program, English Learner Supports, CTE Resources, and Credit Recovery.

  • 2018-2019 we surveyed the membership regarding adequate support with At Risk students (EL, SPED, Academically disadvantaged), Discretionary funds, Staff supports related to: Increased staffing, training, attendance and academic support.  Most of our questions focused around PBIS, SEL, and support to the LCAP UDP.  

Q. What are Site Discretionary Funds and How do I Provide My Voice Toward Their Use at My Site? 
A. Site Discretionary Funds have been a part of the 2018-19 and 2019-20 TVUSD LCAP plans.  TVEA, in our consults with the District have historically lobbied for elements of a Site Based LCAP, as opposed to a "one size fits all"  District LCAP plan.  This along with TVEA's interest in the  proportionality of LCAP funding support  to LCAP students led to us consulting with TVUSD for the inclusion of Site Based Discretionary Funds.  Each site gets approximately $50 per Unduplicated Pupil to be utilized at the site level in through staff collaboration and consensus.  The link to the right shows the projected Unduplicated Pupil Count for 2019-20 for each site.  Members should insist on the opportunity to provide input through such vehicles as surveys, discussions, and Site LCAP Meetings for this purpose.

Q.  As a local stakeholder, how can I make sure my voice is heard in the development of the LCAP for 2017-18?

A. Members can respond to our survey expected mid November 2019. 

B. Members can also e-mail the TVEA LCAP Consult Committee at The LCAP Committee will review all site and member feedback before the first consult meeting with the district.

C. Members have the right as a district stakeholder to offer site input.  How sites obtain input is at the discretion of the site. Please speak with your site administration on how you can provide input.  These meetings are intended to create discussion between parents, teachers, and administrators and provide direction to the site administration on how to continually improve the quality of teaching and learning across the district. 

Committee Members


TVEA Members

Julianne Dickinson (GOHS) Chair

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2010 - present

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