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When you join TVEA you are also joining CTA and NEA. Your dues cover a multitude of things, many of these benefits are listed below. Each month TVUSD withdraws your TVEA, CTA and NEA dues. You can view the current dues amounts here.


The percentage of TVEA dues you pay is based on the percentage of time you work. If you are a full time employee, you pay 100% of your dues. If you are a job share or work a smaller percentage, your dues are taken out according to your work schedule. 


CTA and NEA dues are taken out differently then TVEA.
Category 1 is 61-100%.
Category 2B is 51-60%.
Category 2A is 34-50%
Category 3B is 26-33% 
Category 3A is 25% or less.  

TVEA PAC Dues Passthrough

TVEA leadership believes it is essential to have a strong voice with the voters in our district concerning educational issues. Your TVEA Executive Board/Leadership Council voted to fund our Political Action Committee (PAC) Fund on an ongoing basis.


Our students and our members deserve the strongest advocates to elect in serving on the TVUSD Board of Education. Building our Political Action Committee Fund will help us support non-partisan candidates who aim to represent and support improving the learning conditions of the students we serve.


These funds will be used for financial support of educational issues and TVEA-endorsed pro-public education candidates in non-partisan elections at the school district and/or county level. None of these funds may be used in state or national partisan elections.


The designated portion of the TVEA dues for transfer (September to June) to the TVEA PAC account is $2 per month per member. This is NOT an additional cost to members, just a reallocation of existing funds.


Complete the TVEA Political Action Committee Fund Opt Out form if you choose to NOT allocate a portion of your dues to TVEA PAC account and want all of your dues to remain in the Association General Fund. You will only need to complete this once and can update at anytime.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our PAC Chair Kelly Maxey, or PAC Treasurer Cynthia Lopez at

Extended Leave of Absence (Unpaid)


Employees going on a Leave of Absence are encouraged to contact the TVEA office to ensure the benefits you receive due to being a CTA member are not canceled. If dues are not being deducted from your paycheck, your subscriptions to some of your benefits can be canceled.  More information about going on a Leave of Absence can be found here. If you have any questions please contact the TVEA Office at 951-699-9970.


If you are interested in finding out where your CTA dues dollars go to read the dues information here. 

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