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When you join TVEA you are also joining CTA and NEA. Your dues cover a multitude of things, many of these benefits are listed below. Each month TVUSD withdraws your TVEA, CTA and NEA dues. You can view the current dues amounts here.


The percentage of TVEA dues you pay is based on the percentage of time you work. If you are a full time employee, you pay 100% of your dues. If you are a job share or work a smaller percentage, your dues are taken out according to your work schedule. 


CTA and NEA dues are taken out differently then TVEA.
Category 1 is 61-100%.
Category 2B is 51-60%.
Category 2A is 34-50%
Category 3B is 26-33% 
Category 3A is 25% or less.  


Employees going on a Leave of Absense are encouraged to contact the TVEA office to figure out how your dues can be deducted at a smaller amount so as not to cancel the benefits you receive due to being a CTA member. If dues are not being deducted from your paycheck, your subscriptions to some of your benefits can be canceled.  More information about going on a Leave of Absense can be found here. If you have any questions please contact the TVEA Office at 951-699-9970.


If you are interested in finding out what you CTA dues go to, you can view the Chart of Program Expenditures here. 

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