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Going on a Leave of Absence?


The Importance of Maintaining CTA Membership While on Leave


Are you considering an unpaid leave of absence due to maternity, illness or other personal reasons? If so, keep in mind the importance of maintaining your CTA membership while you are on leave.


Why do you need to maintain your dues while on a Leave of Absence?

Maintaining your CTA membership while you are on an unpaid leave ensures your eligibility to participate in the following member benefit programs:CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan: The CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan provides a life insurance benefit that increases with each year of continuous CTA membership, until the maximum benefit is reached after ten (10) years.


CTA Group Legal Services Program: CTA membership must be in effect when the incident occurs and maintained throughout the entire time assistance is being provided.


CTA Well-Baby Program: If you are on maternity leave and wish to continue participation in the Well-Baby program, CTA membership must be current.


CTA Voluntary Life and Disability Insurance Plans: You may jeopardize your voluntary life and disability coverage underwritten by The Standard if membership ceases.


CTA Auto and Home Insurance: You must maintain your CTA membership to receive preferential premium rates. Policies offered by California Casualty’s A+ Auto and Home Insurance will increase at renewal if your CTA membership is not current. As a member who participates in the insurance program(s), you receive a 21% base rate differential for the auto insurance program, 24% base rate differential for the home insurance program and, in addition, you receive a 10% discount off your home and 15% off your auto insurance premium if you participate in both the auto and home insurance programs. Rate differentials are price differences between a non-member and a CTA member.


How are dues deducted?

CTA dues are automatically deducted from your paycheck; however, while you are on an unpaid leave, this deduction will end. Therefore, when taking an unpaid leave, please contact the TVEA office 951-699-9970 the month prior to you leaving as well as when you return. We will help you figure out the dues you should send directly to CTA to keep your benefits.


If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact the CTA Membership Accounting Department at (650) 552-5278 or e-mail


If you have questions regarding your benefits, please contact the CTA Member Benefits Department at (650) 552-5200 or e-mail

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