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TVEA Advocate 2015-2016

We are proud to share that TVEA has won Communications Awards for the Newsletters we produce. TVEA will continue to produce award worthy but more importantly relevant and timely communique's to our membership. We hope you enjoy reading our TVEA Advocate.

May/June Advocate


  • The TVEA Year in Review:  TVEA Actions and Events Month by Month

  • Spring Survey Results and Analysis:  Member Awareness and Elementary Professional Learning Communities

  • Update on the United States Supreme Court Ruling regarding the Friedrichs v. CTA case

  • End of the Year Recognitions including TVEA Recognitions, TVUSD District Teachers of the Year, and Crystal Apple Award Winners


March/April Advocate

Bucket Blitz


  • Site Visit Blitz Member Feedback

  • I AM TVEA Campaign and Update on

  • Friedrichs V.CTA Supreme Court Case

  • Executive Board spring workshop and elections

  • Update from your Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC)

  • TVEA holds LCAP Roundtable and conducts LCAP member survey


January/February Advocate

Ratification of Tentative Agreement completes Negotiations


  • President’s Message Editorial: TVUSD Push to Move to By-Trustee Districts is Ill Timed

  • Recap of the ratified December 3rd Tentative Agreement to complete 2015-16 Negotiations

  • Modifications in structure of 2015-16 Principal’s Survey for members to complete in April

  • Contract Awareness:  Article 9.4 Longevity



November/December Advocate

Building Capacity


  • November TVEA Organizing Plan to support the TVEA Bargaining Team in Negotiations

  • How TVEA has “Advocated on Your Behalf” including an update on the the status of contractual grievances

  • Presidents Message:  “TVEA Member Engagement is an Ongoing Essential”

  • TVEA Committee Updates and Report from the first 15-16 Superintendent’s Council

  • TVEA Recognized Principals from the end of the 2014-15 year Principal Survey

  • Shout Outs to various members featuring Vice-President Edgar Diaz being honored with the “Foot Solider” Award by the Riverside Chapter of the NAACP

September/October Advocate

New Contract Yields Smooth Start


  • New Contract ( July 1 2015-June 30 2017) Highlights

  • TVEA Influences the 2015-16 TVUSD Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

  • Your 2015-16 Elected Executive Board

  • TK-3 Class Size and the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

  • Get Your Master’s Degree- Now!

  • TVEA End of Year 2014-2015 Recognitions



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