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TVEA Advocate 2014-2015

We are proud to share that TVEA won two Communications Awards for 2012-2013. This is the first-time TVEA has won a communications award! Our TVEA Advocate won the Newsletters category for Associations with 1000-2999 members and our “30 Days to Advocate for Public Education” campaign in 2012 for Prop 30, Prop 32, and Measure Y won the award for Communications to Parents or Community.


TVEA will continue to produce award worthy but more importantly relevant and timely communique's to our membership. We hope you enjoy reading our TVEA Advocate.

Apr/May 2015 Advocate


Teacher Appreciation Day 


Bargaining News

A Year in Review

Grievance FAQ's

Awards Recipient's

The State Budget

Committee Updates

2015 Retirees



Feb/March 2015 Advocate


Ready to Sunshine


Bargaining “Sunshine” Articles

President’s Message

Superintendent’s Council

Retirement Update

Insurance Survey


CCSC Call to Action

Elections Update



Dec 2014/Jan 2015 Advocate



Bargaining needs feedback for Sunshining Articles

Holiday Social

Advocating on your behalf

School Board Results

CTA Scholarship Deadlines
Demand to Bargain Infinite Campus


Oct/Nov 2014 Advocate


Get out the Vote


Vote Hinkson & Eckard for School Board

Tentative Agreement is Ratified

President's Message

2 Way Communication Feedback

CalSTRS Contribution Increase

Race for the Cure

September 2014 Advocate


Election 2014


TVEA Recommends Two for School Board

Organizing Events

Insurance Q&A

Site Leaders Elected

Commitee Chairs Confirmed


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