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State Council of Education & NEA Representative Assembly

CTA's top policy-making body is the State Council of Education. CTA is rigorously democratic. Its structure gives members the ultimate voice in what the Association does. By secret ballot, you and your colleagues elect the 760-plus members of the State Council of Education, CTA’s highest governing body. Meeting four times a year, State Council sets policy for the organization, adopts the budget, determines dues, recommends expenditures to the board, elects the executive officers and 21 other members of the board of directors and performs other similar duties. In addition to the four State Council meetings, State Council Reps attend Service Center Council meetings also. Our San Gorgonio Service Center meets additional four times per year. TVEA has its own three elected members on state council Alan Underwood, Steve Campos and Raul Miranda.

Derek Heid - Contact Derek:

"Honored and excited to begin my first term as a CTA State Council rep. I've worked at Temecula Valley High School for fifteen years, but my time with the TVUSD begins far before that -- in kindergarten, in fact, when I enrolled at Nicholas Valley Elementary. From there, to Margarita, to the then-newly-opened James L. Day, to Chaparral, I'm through and through a product of TVUSD schools. It's an honor to serve my friends and colleagues, many of whom first made an impression on me as my teachers all those years ago. 


My wife and I have two children, one at Temecula Middle (soon to be joining me at TVHS!) and the other at Paloma Elementary. I'm immensely proud of the work we do as TVUSD educators, and it's my goal as your State Council rep to ensure that we can continue to do the fine work of supporting our learners in this community!"


Raul Miranda - Contact Raul:

Hola compañeros- My name is Raúl Miranda. First of all, I want to express my gratitude to all members that voted for me to serve as their representative for California State Council with the California Teachers Association (CTA).  As one of the newest elected representatives for CTA State Council, my primary and personal goal is to represent all teachers and members. 


I have worked as a teacher for over twenty years. I have been in teaching in Temecula since August of 2000. I received my undergraduate degree from San Diego State University and completed my Education specialist credential and Masters in Education at California State University, San Marcos. I attended the United States Coast Guard Academy and I am a proud veteran of U.S. Coast Guard.


I started my career in teaching in Temecula at Temecula Valley High school and I am currently teaching at Great Oak High school as a RSP/Science Education Specialist. I served as a Temecula Valley Educators Association (TVEA) site Representative for the past 16 years. I was elected as High school area representative and participated on the executive board. Recently, I was elected to serve on CTA State council as a representative for TVEA. I was selected to serve on the Governor’s Special education panel on AB 2040.  I was also selected to serve as a member of Instructional leadership Committee. (ILC) created by CTA, National board research center on education, and Stanford center on Education.  I am excited to serve as TVEA representative for CTA State council and grateful for the opportunity.


I am grateful for many things in life especially my family, my wife and best friend Jackie and our two incredible sons Rafael and Adrian.  I enjoy traveling and exploring new places with my family.  My favorite places are the island of Maui, Mexico, and the Imperial Valley desert. I look forward to each moment in life and cherish mindfulness every day.  I believe that life is very special and precious-Life should be about wanting what we have instead of having what we want.  So let's have a great academic school year!  My own personal Life quote- "Be mindful, Ambitious, and practice gratitude every day.


Raúl Miranda

Rebecca Williams

I am excited to start my first term as one of your CTA state council representatives.   Thank you for electing me!  I attended my first meeting as a non-voting guest over spring break.  I have so much to learn!  As I am filling a vacated seat, I will officially attend my first meeting as a voting member in May and be assigned to committees at that time.   Please contact me anytime to voice concerns or ask questions.  We’re in this together!


I began teaching elementary school in 1993 and in Temecula in 2002.  I taught 3rd grade at Rancho before moving to BVMS as a math/science core teacher.  For the last 9 years I have served as a math specialist at CHS and BVMS and with CTA as part of their Instructional Leadership Corpse (ILC).  I’ve been serving TVEA as a site rep for BVMS for about 5 years.  Last summer I attended the NEA RA and will do so again this summer as a local representative. 


I am very thankful for a beautiful family and home in French Valley.  Louis and I were blessed very late in life and have three young children aged 8, 4 and 2.   They keep us busy, young, and tired 🌝.  


I am grateful to be “working together” for the benefit of us all.

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