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TVEA Advocate 2016-2017

We are proud to share that TVEA has won Communications Awards for the Newsletters we produce. TVEA will continue to produce award worthy but more importantly relevant and timely communique's to our membership. We hope you enjoy reading our TVEA Advocate.

Special Addition

A Year in Review of TVEA Highlights


  • Community Involvement

  • TVEA Leadership

  • Member Engagement Events

  • Advocacy and Bargaining

  • Committees at Work

  • District Teachers of the Year

  • Awards

  • Recognitions



May/June Advocate

TVEA Elementary Organizing Leads to LCAP Community Advocacy


  • President’s Message

  • Spring Events

  • End of an Era

  • Teacher Feature

  • CTE Highlights

  • District Teachers of the Year

  • TVEA TVUSD Leadership Survey

  • TVEA & Who Award Winners



March/April Advocate



  • TVUSD Budget Deficit Leads to Member Advocacy

  • Spring Member Events

  • TVEA School Board Spotlights

  • Read Across America @NVES

  • Colonial Village @VES



January/February Advocate

All Out Blitz


  • Site Visit Blitz Member Feedback

  • TVEA Honors TVUSD Alumni Members as “Local Heroes”

  • LCAP Questions and Answers and Upcoming Site Feedback Meetings

  • December Bargaining and Retirement Survey Results

  • TVEA Announcement of NEA Representative Assembly State and Local Delegate Elections



November/December Advocate

2016 General Elections are In


  • November Election Update:  Proposition 55 and TVUSD School Board

  • Celebrating Our Home Grown TVUSD Talent: Nearly One Hundred of our Teachers and Specialists Graduated from a TVUSD High School

  • Employee Rights:  Distinguishing a Contractual Grievance from a Complaint

  • Bargaining Updates including Article 12 Assignments and Transfers and Compensation for Grades 4-5 Teachers whose mainstreamed students push them over the contractual cap



September/October Advocate

TVEA Members are Proven Leaders of Student Success


  • Timely Negotiations

  • Vote Yes on Prop 55

  • Summer MOUs

  • $28,000 in CTA Grants received

  • Education and Courts Update



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