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TVEA Spotlight at the December 13 Governing Board Meeting

Good evening members of the Board and staff,

I am Proud to represent TVEA with the spotlight today.

With me today are executive officers of TVEA, Site Leaders, and membership:

TVEA is composed of certificated employees of the TVUSD. Our leaders represent school sites and position specialist that support students in different roles. Our membership includes classroom teachers and curricular specialists, Speech Language Pathologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Nurses, Behavioral Therapist and more. We engage in discussion with TVUSD staff to provide input from each learning environment to maximize learning conditions for the students of TVUSD. With a membership of about 1300 certificated employees, TVEA members are involved in many aspects of our public school system. And we are proud of it.

For over 30 years, the educators of Temecula committed to providing service to the community. Many shape their lives around this commitment. Providing opportunities in and out of the classroom. Sacrificing time with family to prepare or grade or contact parents. Taking home the weight of the day to come back stronger with solutions to engage students and or to get them over a hump the next day.

While you have joined with limited experience and knowledge of the workings of an award-winning public-school district, We the educators are invested in propelling it forward.

TVEA educators are here today to welcome you to your new position as a board of trustee of the Temecula valley unified school district.

We welcome you to meet with classroom teachers and learn about how they balance the rigors of the curriculum with the social emotional needs of our students.

We welcome you to meet with our specialists and to appreciate the tumultuous schedule in providing services and support for children in crises.

We welcome you to reach out to our student body that finds strength in its diversity of experience and thought.

We welcome you to visit campuses and be a witness to the experiences that connect students to school.

We welcome you to visit our classified support staff to appreciate how they keep our schools running.

We welcome you to tackle the challenge of taking input from the community at large and reaching decisions that continue our path as a strong public school system that attract families to this district.

I welcome you to take the time to learn the strengths of the Temecula Valley Unified School District including its personnel, step back and appreciate the diversity that exists, create space for families, students, to be valued and educators to do what they do best.

The educators of Temecula Valley will always engage with the board on behalf of students, parents, and the community. Joining as a Trustee of the school district is a big job, with a large learning curve. There is a complex system of educators, administrators, and support staff who provide services to students, starting in the classroom, to support as counselors, speech, literacy, math, psychologist, social workers, nurses, and many more.

A decision made at the board level may have unintended consequences, and our educators are the experts in what they do.

We engage with you the Trustees to “Welcome” you to the TVUSD community in your new role and provide a dialogue and collaboration to continue our success. The path that every student, parent, teacher and voting member of the community of TVUSD is invested in. WE hope to be a partner in continuing the success of TVUSD, as we have for over 30 years.

You can view the Governing Board Meeting in its entirety here:


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