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TVEA Spotlight at the Governing Board Meeting

Good evening,

First, on behalf of our membership, I would like to thank TVUSD for the Drive Through Employee Lunch on Aug 10th at Temecula Valley High School. (I know I enjoyed my turkey burger, fries, and drink!)

I visited with our members informally at Chaparral High Monday August 9th and Temecula Valley High School August 10th and enjoyed the opportunity to chat with many staff as they returned to work. Our teachers are excited to be back on campus and doing what they do best: Working directly with students as highly Dedicated and Committed Advocates for Teaching and Learning.

I look forward to visiting other sites this month with four upcoming elementary lunch visits on the calendar.

TVEA continues to dialog with TVUSD Leadership and seek to problem solve early issues such as Class Size and Expectations Regarding Teacher Use of Seesaw and Canvas

We have 3 new TVEA Executive Board Members elected last Spring who have joined our Executive Team in 2021-22. Please welcome:

-Jamie Vaughn, formerly at Alamos Elementary and now at the new Home Instead Innovation Academy-

-Abby Woelke, English-Language Arts Teacher at Great Oak High School, who is a TVUSD Chaparral High alumnus.

-Steve Campos of Vail Ranch Middle School, who is returning to our board in a new role as Middle School Representative this year.

I would like to revisit part of a Video Message I sent to our membership one week ago on August 10th: TVEA does not advocate regarding nor take an association wide pro or con position on California State Public Health directives such as Face Coverings, Vaccines, and Testing. We are a non-partisan organization that is neither ideologically liberal nor conservative and understand that our 1300 plus members hold a wide variety of individual values and beliefs which influence their personal views on public health issues.

We shared with members in that same message that it IS TVEA’s priority to unify around completing a worthy successor contract to our current collective bargaining agreement which expired June 30th.

I will reference again what I spoke to in my most recent TVEA Board Spotlight back on June 15th: Based on a very robust 2021-22 California State Budget, it is TVEA’s expectation there will be Tangible, On-Schedule Compensation for the TVEA Bargaining Unit in 2021-22. Temecula Valley Unified TVEA Members rank 31st out of 32 districts in the Riverside/San Bernadino County region in terms of percentage salary growth since 2013. TVUSD teachers and specialists are more than 9% below the salary schedule growth average for these 32 districts.

We look forward to beginning successor contract negotiations and discussions about bringing our membership to a competitive standing considering a record California education budget, including a 5.06% Cost of Living Increase (i.e. COLA) increase to state funding for 2021-22.

Thank you


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