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TVEA Spotlight

Hello Everyone and a Happy 2020-21 School Year to you. I know many including our teachers and specialists have been working around the clock to ready themselves to provide their students the best on-line learning they can.

While many educators lean toward being perfectionists, I remind that on-line learning cannot replicate an in-person teaching model. May we all continue to show a bit of restraint in expectations and foster balance and wellness for our employees?

Referring to hard work, you are aware of what was accomplished over the summer when the TVUSD and TVEA Bargaining Teams worked tirelessly on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for 2020-21. Signed July 27th, 2020 the MOU reflects twelve Bargaining sessions over the summer period.

I want to recognize publicly our TVEA team members who gave of their vacation time to make this happen:

TVEA Bargaining Chair, Brian Balaris

TVEA Vice-President, Edgar Diaz

TVEA Bargaining Team Members: Mike Brewer, Patty Casey, Christina Fenney, Karen Hogan, Lowena Manzano, and Nicole Paino.

Finally, I would like to thank the TVUSD team led by the HRD: Director Mueller and Assistant Superintendent Arce. TVEA appreciates you in working with us on our most paramount concerns.

Finally, tonight I would like to publicly share TVEA’s Recommended Candidates for the 2020 TVUSD School Board Elections in Trustee Areas 1, 4, and 5.

First in Trustee Area 4 we look forward to Adam Skumawitz rightly reclaiming the seat he was elected to by TA-4 voters in 2018. Adam will make the Governing Board better by promoting accountability, transparency, and efficiency.

In, Trustee Area 1, TVEA Recommends Riverside City Fire Captain and Barnett Elementary Parent Steve Loner. Steve has been highly involved as a parent at Barnett, working collaboratively with PTSA and LCAP groups in seeking continuous site improvement. He will bring much needed leadership and crisis management skills to the board. Steve believes in a Clear Vision for the future, Open Communication, and students matriculating through TVUSD and growing into successful and empathetic adults.

In Trustee Area 5, TVEA Recommends Retired Educator Steven Schwartz. Trustee Area-5: Steven Schwartz Steven taught both elementary and middle school in New York as well as math at Mt. San Jacinto College after moving to California. He holds both a master’s degree in Education as well as an advanced degree in Administration and Supervision. Steven has worked successfully with culturally diverse students over his career and can help our district move toward real Cultural Proficiency. He also seeks to empower Special Education teachers and staff with the necessary tools to make key decisions about the delivery of Special Education Services.

TVEA is proud to recommend to the TVUSD community Steve Loner in TA-1, Adam Skumawitz in TA-4, and Steve Schwartz in TA- 5. Thank you.

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