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TVEA Spotlight at February 22 TVUSD Governing Board Meeting

Good evening,

I am honored to present the February 2022 TVEA Spotlight on behalf of our membership.

TVEA is making a concerted effort to get out to school sites to connect with our membership. In February thus far, I have had the chance to visit with multiple members at Chaparral High, Day Middle, Home Instead Innovation Academy, and Temecula Luiseno Elementary.

This is the beginning of a larger scale effort by TVEA to have our elected and appointed leaders meet with members this Spring. We will be compiling responses on: What is Perceived as going well at Sites and in the District, What Further Supports Are Needed to be an Effective Educator, and Topics or Issues to bring forward to TVUSD in Consultation or Bargaining.

As I shared last month, we are offering members informational meetings related to their retirement and health and welfare benefits. Last week we had forty-eight (48) members attend a Virtual CTA Workshop on Planning for Retirement and STRS. Tomorrow afternoon members have an opportunity to review their health and welfare benefit plans with a SISC representative in planning for the next open enrollment period at the outset of 2022-23.

Additionally, last week going into the President’ Day Weekend, we offered a New Member Event in Old Town Temecula. We have seventy-six (76) new 2021-22 TVEA members.

In terms of working with TVUSD, we look forward to returning to Bargaining this week and seek to finalize a successor contract which our members will have the opportunity to soon ratify. In addition, TVEA looks forward to consulting with the district in the next few weeks related to the 2022-23 LCAP Plan.

Finally, I want to share that we are hearing concerns across multiple sites related to the management of adverse student behavior. This issue was intensifying pre-pandemic two years ago and seems to be returning as a chief concern, particularly at the elementary level.

Collectively, we need to promote student and staff safety and place students in an appropriate environment where they can be personally successful while at the same time supporting the teaching and learning of others.

I think we can all agree that one pupil’s perceived needs should not supersede the common goal of a productive classroom learning environment for all. Appropriate behavior is a key component in maximizing classroom learning capacity.

Our members appreciate when site administrative teams are visible, responsive, and proactive in addressing disruptive student behavior.

Clear Expectations, and Consistency of Response in this area will help maintain the high quality of teaching and learning the TVUSD educational community seeks and expects in our classrooms.

Thank you.


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