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TVEA Organizational Spotlight

May is a Month of Recognitions and we are pleased to be able to conduct them this month as we move toward more normalcy this Spring:

TVEA is doing two virtual recognition events this week:

-Site Administration Team Recognition yesterday and TVEA Member 2021 Retirees on Thursday afternoon

- At our Leadership Council last week, we announced a second series of TVEA member awards.

Here are some highlights from those:

Ryan Leonhardi, English Language Arts and Journalism Teacher at Chaparral High was named the 2020-21 TVEA “Proven Leader of Student Success” for his work with students in making the school newspaper the Platinum Press named the top high school newspaper in the country last year. Ryan also has led his students in facilitating holiday toy drives and deliver toys to needy Riverside County children for several years.

We also provided two Retiring TVEA leaders with a Special “Longevity of Service” Award for their TVEA commitment over a period of years in multiple roles.

- Karie Shorack, currently an Elementary representative on the TVEA Executive Board who has also served as Elections Chair and Vintage Hills Elementary Site Leader

- Marcia Varner of Crowne Hill Elementary currently serving as TVEA “Generation Next Chapter” Retirement Committee Chair and previously served as Equity and Human Rights Committee Chair and CTA State Council.

Finally, with the Day of the California Teacher being last week on May 12th, TVEA delivered stainless steel water bottles to all 1327 TVEA members. This is to recognize our member adaptability and resiliency over the last fourteen months.

The bottles are imprinted with the words “Temecula Educators Care!” This universal theme is also the hashtag of a TVEA Social Media Campaign by the same name with thirty second spots of teachers sharing what they are excited about in working with their students.

At this time TVEA would like to present a Temecula Educator Cares Water Bottle to the members of the TVUSD Governing Board and Executive Cabinet...

Enjoy throughout the coming summer!


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