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TVEA Spotlight

Good Evening and I am once again honored to share the work of our organization with the Governing Board and all in attendance tonight.

First, in the spirit of the theme of recognition, I am pleased to share our TVEA OVATION! Member Recognition Program remains vibrant. We are in the process of conducting recognitions at sites in conjunction with staff meetings. Members are nominated by a fellow TVEA Member in such categories as Team Player, Professionalism, Community Contributor, Overcoming Adversity, and Going the Extra Mile.

I will announce our thirteen TVEA OVATION! recipients for Fall 2019 at this time:

They are:

From the Elementary Level (5)

Jolene Buxbaum- PE Specialist

Calah Hurd- Pauba Valley

Taylor Lundin- Vail

Chris Villanueva- Vintage Hills

Karen Vogt- Paloma

From the Middle Schools (2)

Andrea Hayek – Temecula

Tom Helm- Day

From the High Schools (6)

Heather Anderson- Chaparral

Jerry Burdick-Rutz- Great Oak

Lenny Dykes- Temecula Valley

Julia Ebel- Great Oak

Elyce Mandich- Chaparral

Debra Washko- Susan Nelson

One other TVEA Recognition Note: TVEA and the Temecula Education Foundation have named the two TVEA/TEF Grant Recipients as announced in this same Spotlight October 1st:

They are Tracy Picquelle, STEM Teacher at Bella Vista Middle School, and Kenny Tenny, CTE Teacher at Chaparral High. We hope to introduce them to you at an upcoming board meeting.

Finally, tonight, I will share with you that TVEA has completed our 2019 Fall Site Visits. We followed up our September elementary school visits by spending the day at the high schools October 8th and the middle schools last Tuesday November 5th.

In all we met with nearly 600 members in small groups or one on one meetings. This was the most targeted and successful such outreach TVEA has made to our members.

While we sought feedback on a couple of focus issues for each level, the 2019 Site Visits were as much about process as they were product. It was TVEA’s intent to clearly demonstrate our Visibility and Accessibility to those who we are Accountable to.

We had a sum of 38 facilitators participating in the TVEA 2019 Fall Site Visits.

I am thankful that so many of our leaders across TVEA willingly provided the capacity in this effort. We are confident our members are likewise grateful for the person to person outreach.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

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