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TVUSD Governing Board Public Comments

Topic: TVEA Desired Qualities in a Future TVUSD Superintendent

In October 2018, TVEA conducted a member survey regarding what would be the desired profile of the next TVUSD Superintendent for when a vacancy might occur. I e-mailed the results to the Governing Board back in January and spoke to them at a May meeting. To highlight those results again tonight, our membership voiced that nearly 90% of respondents want external candidates considered, compared to less than 1 in 10 favoring the consideration of ONLY internal candidates. In addition, 80% would like a Superintendent with previous experience, with a majority of those preferring a veteran Superintendent with at least 6 years in the role.

To expand on my previous Board Comments, I would like to share three sets of desired personal and professional qualities which emerged from the comments shared among the 363 survey participants.

1) Visible at School Sites: Participants would like a district leader who is at school sites for more than the cursory classroom walk-throughs. They would like to see the Superintendent come to sites on an informal basis. Being visible for the football or volleyball game or the school musical demonstrates they are taking an interest in the work of the participating students and staff and this becomes clear to the community as well.

2) Approachable and Personable: This relates to visibility in that when the Superintendent is seen by Staff, Students, Parents in informal settings, they become more accessible and are perceived as more approachable. When a district leader makes an informal stop in the staff lounge to meet and greet employees, it is powerful. This sort of outreach goes beyond coordinating a District Meeting or coming to a site due to staff unrest or a crisis.

3) Dynamic and Innovative:

Our members would like to see a future leader who is dynamic and innovative as well as non-complacent. We should not lean too heavily on our past cultural principles and stated successes.When TVUSD compares itself to other California districts, we should reach beyond Riverside County.If we are to be compared to such bottom feeders as Perris and Coachella, then let’s also match our achievement to California communities with higher socio-economic status such as Poway and Capistrano Valley.

In closing, I believe TVUSD resident taxpayers should have a similar opportunity as TVEA members to provide the Governing Board feedback for such a critical position should a vacancy occur.

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