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Good Evening,

TVEA conducted a member survey in relation to Future TVUSD Leadership (i.e. The Superintendent) in October 2018. In January we forwarded the survey results to the TVUSD Governing Board and Mr. Ritter.

Whether there is a vacancy in the TVUSD Superintendent position next week, month, year, or three years from now, we are aware that TVUSD has a past practice of making decisions regarding cabinet personnel in the quiet of July including: Salary and Step Increases, Contract Extensions, and New Job Titles.

As this is the final Governing Board meeting of the 2018-19 Teacher/Student Calendar year, TVEA wants to ensure our members collective voice is submitted as part of tonight’s public record.

Here are a few highlights of our member survey:

  • A Supermajority of 65% of respondents believe TVUSD should invest in vetting BOTH Internal and External candidates. Another 21% prefer that ONLY External Candidates be considered. Less than one in ten members (9%) believe ONLY internal candidates should be sought.

  • Nearly 80% of our members believe previous Superintendent experience is important to lead TVUSD in the future with a solid majority of that group suggesting veteran experience of 6 years or more would be valuable. Only 20% of respondents believe no previous experience is necessary.

  • The comment section yielded various desired qualities I will share in five sets of characteristics: Dynamic and Innovative, Creative and “Outside of Box” Thinker, Personable and Approachable, A “Servant Leader” who displays Empathy, and a “Unifier” who values teachers across all grade levels.

In sharing this information, TVEA recognizes our members do not have custody in the selection of a future TVUSD Superintendent. . The responsibility to “Employ the Superintendent” is delegated solely to the TVUSD Governing Board through Board By-Laws.

Whenever this time may come, TVEA expects that the TVUSD Governing Board will show the necessary Leadership and Responsibility to invest in both a deliberate and comprehensive process.Thank you.

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