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TVEA Spotlight

Good Evening,

We at TVEA look forward to both a busy and productive April as the race to June and the close of 2018-19 is underway.

Member Recognition through our TVEA OVATION! program continues to shine a bright light on the good work of our members. We are wrapping up our 4th semester of TVEA OVATION! this week and will have presented OVATIONS! To 52 recipients with all twenty-seven school sites having at least one awardee. The power of peer recognition in the presence of those who work side by side in the trenches is both powerful and heartwarming at the same time.

April means the LCAP for the 2019-20 calendar year will begin to take shape. We look forward to hearing about the district’s data collection efforts tonight, the upcoming Governing Board Workshops, and continuing to be a participant in the process ourselves.

In March we conducted our TVEA survey and we look forward to a second consult with TVUSD this month. We are hopeful the concept of Site Based Discretionary Funds will be a continued LCAP component and that the ongoing elementary concern of “Time” can be addressed in a “Win-Win” solution by providing students more quality Physical Education instruction.

Later in the month we look forward to our second “Meet and Confer with TVUSD which we will host at TVEA April 25th. We expect to continue to discuss the topic of navigating Student Adverse Behaviors along with the new topic of District Student Assessments.

I would also like to utilize this platform to speak to TVEA’s willingness to explore the Speech and Language Pathologist’s concerns about their salary schedule and the ability of TVUSD to retain SLP’s. Apparently, the District data on SLP salary and the data compiled by TVEA SLP’s draw somewhat different conclusions. Whether this is done through the Ad Hoc Budget teams or other means, I am hopeful it is more sooner than later.

On April 30th we will host a New Member/New Educator “Roundtable” at TVEA in which we will invite these groups of members to share their successes and challenges for 2018-19 and how our organization might be able to best be a support to them moving forward.

Finally, we are looking forward to continuing to support the Temecula Education Foundation with the 2019 Taste of Temecula Valley on April 26 and 27. This year we will host a vendor booth for the first time in several years. We will be sharing with the community the scope of work our association does on behalf of teachers and students through a printed flyer, and providing TVEA mini-frisbee discs and children’s books for visitors as well.

Here’s wishing Mr. Katan and the foundation a very successful 2019 event!

Happy April Everyone!

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