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TVEA Spotlight

Good Evening. In this October TVEA Spotlight, I would like to speak to the following: TVEA Two-Way Communication, Our October Member Engagement Efforts, and the TVUSD Governing Board Election.

Two-Way Communication between Leaders and Members is a constant at TVEA. On September 18th we conducted our Site Visit Blitz across all twenty-seven (27) TVUSD School Sites. We shared information with members and received feedback cards for our Blitz team to analyze. In addition, we utilize member surveys as a tool to take a pulse from members on targeted topics. Currently, we are gathering information about the impacts of a Memorandum of Understanding TVEA signed with TVUSD for 2018 related to the Voluntary Transfer Process under Article 12 of the TVUSD/TVEA Contract. In addition, we are polling designated Site Representatives about the Site Intervention Plan or plans at their site, ensuring that members have provided consent under Article 5.12 in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

This month we are collecting nominations for Year 2 of our TVEA OVATION! Member Recognition Program. We look forward to getting back out to the sites to recognize those who stand out in the eyes of their peers.

On Friday October 19th TVEA will host its 4th Annual Football Night, at Chaparral High as the Pumas host the Golden Bears in a Southwestern League matchup.

We look forward to supporting the efforts of the players and coaches, while providing pizza to members who attend.

At this time, I would like to formally announce TVEA’s recommendations for TVUSD School Board in the upcoming election. We have made a concerted effort to confer with both potential and declared candidates over the last eighteen months.

In District 4, TVEA is supporting Adam Skumawitz. Adam has long family connections to TVUSD through both his mother, a former revered elementary teacher by both TVUSD staff and students alike, and his wife Jen, a TVHS graduate who is currently a counselor at Great Oak High School. The Skumawitz’s children attend Abby Reinke Elementary School. Adam is a financial planner here in town and is recognized as an outstanding soccer coach both at the high school and club level. He demonstrates leadership ability and his message of seeking to inspire TVUSD toward continuous improvement is a refreshing theme.

In District 3, TVEA is supporting Barbara Brosch. Barbara is a homegrown product herself having graduated from Temecula Valley High School. Her children have attended Trustee Area 3 Schools and Chaparral High School. Barbara is highly qualified due to her PTA involvement over the years and her current leadership role as the Chaparral High School Education Foundation President. She strives to include stakeholders from the Trustee Area 3, which has never had a TVUSD Board Member elected from its boundaries and seems isolated from the center of TVUSD culture.

In District 2, TVEA is recommending Incumbent Sandy Hinkson. While TVEA has great respect for Cheryl Eckard and believe she would be a capable board member, we believe Sandy has earned a second term on the Governing Board. Sandy is a former TVUSD teacher and TVEA member. More importantly, she has fully embraced the role of board member by being visible and accessible to stakeholders. The result has been that participation and collaboration across various stakeholder groups has increased and it feels like the governing board and district administration are far more responsive than they were before Sandy joined the board in 2014.

TVEA is proud to officially recommend Skumawitz, Brosch, and Hinkson in 2018.

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