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TVEA Board Meeting Spotlight September 4, 2018

It’s hard to believe that August has already passed. The idea of time passing quickly when you are busy seems to apply at TVEA over the last month.

Our initiatives this month are launching our own Professional Development for Teachers by Teachers, A Membership Awareness and Commitment Drive, and Educating the Community about the TVUSD Governing Board Election and Candidates Who We Believe Will Change the Board for the Better

Next week, TVEA will launch the first of seven (7) fall semester Professional Development Sessions for our teachers and specialists at the TVEA office. Sessions this month include “Zero to Ninja Google Docs for Beginners” by Michelle Voye and “Honoring Student Voice with Flipgrid by Michele Osinski. We are fortunate to have an energetic and committed Instruction and Professional Development Committee Chair in Kristan Morales who has facilitated these opportunities for our teachers.

This month on Tuesday September 18th TVEA will conduct our 3rd ever Site Visit Blitz as a piece of our Fall Membership Drive. A team of sixteen (16) TVEA leaders will visit all 26 school sites that day with twenty-minute meetings outside of contractual duty time either before school, lunch, or after school.

Topics will include TVEA Membership, The Governing Board Election, and most importantly the opportunity for member feedback on what members would like TVEA to emphasize in 2018-19. We strongly believe in this model of going to the sites, listening and gathering feedback, and then sharing and utilizing this input. Listening to our colleagues helps to establish relationships of trust and builds a positive culture within our organization.

Finally, I do not want to pre-empt any comments from Temecula Valley Council PTA, yet I do feel compelled to share that we value their work and efforts to educate the public through the School Board Candidates Forum later this month. We do appreciate having the opportunity to work with you and other key community groups such as Temecula Dollars for Scholars and Temecula Educational Foundation in collaborating for the benefit of our TVUSD community.

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