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TVEA Governing Board Spotlight

TVEA has hit the ground running to start the school year.

In fact, we started running before the start of the Teacher/Student Calendar, a week ago last Monday.

On Thursday August 9th, we had our annual Executive Board Fall Planning Retreat at Temecula City Hall. TVEA would like to thank longtime Temecula City Council Woman Maryann Edwards for hosting us in the City Conference Center and providing a helping hand in a productive day.

The following day on Friday August 10th we hosted a TVEA new employee orientation as part of the district event. Thanks to Chris Dixon and Anna Tapley of ESS for working with us to ensure our opportunity to share the benefits of being a TVEA member. We were pleased to collect nearly fifty (50) New Member Applications on the spot.

Our efforts on the 10th were impressive. We had a team of ten (10) lead the 90 -minute TVEA presentation including a provided lunch to share the various aspects of our organization. A big public thank you to:

Executive Board Member Anastasia Bortcosh, Insurance Advisory Committee Chair Lynn Breen, Vice President Edgar Diaz, CTA Primary Staff Brian Eldridge, Member Engagement Chair Belisa Guerrero, Site Leader Mary Jimenez, Instruction and Professional Development Chair Kristan Morales, CTA Institute for Think Tank Participant Jenny Romero, and TVEA Office Manager Lisa Sisco.

I am thankful that our TVEA team believes in our efforts to the point where they would volunteer their time before the commencement of the teacher/student calendar for these events I have shared.

In closing, I would like to expand on the point of going the “extra mile” I am sure the Governing Board is aware that the vast majority of our 1350 members work well beyond the 184- day, 7 hour contract. Just drive by one of our elementary school sites once the calendar hits August and you will see teachers’ cars in the parking lot as they prepare to successfully welcome their new students.

And don’t forget the hours our coaches provide for a nominal stipend which often equates to pennies of pay per hour.

I was reminded of this in early August as I observed Chaparral High Cross- Country Coach Martin Dinsenbacher at the corner of Rancho California and Meadows on an early August morning. Coach “D” as he is more commonly known has been coaching Cross County for 22 years at Chaparral, since the school opened. He has committed countless extra hours to prod, encourage, and motivate his runners to reach their personal best. The public accolades and recognitions are rare if at all, but he keeps coming back for more as he finds fulfillment in working with students utilizing distance running to develop self-discipline and confidence.

There are dozens of other teachers and coaches like Coach D, yet seeing him out there with his runners miles away from CHS on a hot and muggy August morning resonated with me as a symbol of Temecula teachers and coaches “going the extra mile”.

Thank you.

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