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TVEA President Public Comments

I wanted to share with the entire governing board that over the last week or so, I have had positive conversations with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, and Governing Board President about the future of this school district.

You may be aware that TVEA conducted a survey of its members the first week of October related to restructured work models and the potential for ongoing member compensation.

It was the second time we had conducted such a survey in the calendar year of 2017. We carefully developed a survey to the best of our ability without a goal of achieving a desired result. We did so with the recognition that the TVUSD deficit is a problem that must be addressed and wanted to accurately represent our members at the bargaining table.

Although there are a couple of possible avenues to modest cost-savings according to the survey, for the most part the more than 750 folks who responded are not eager for us to negotiate such changes on their behalf.

Our members’ reluctance to embrace alternative work models should not be surprising. I liken our recent bargaining surveys to cold calling people and asking them to buy or donate something over the phone. For most, the immediate response is no thank you! (Some are not so nice...)

Nothing about restructured instructional models has been clearly defined for TVEA members. We need sample working models, FAQ’s, and the opportunity to study models with district officials and colleagues.

I urge you to encourage the district to take the LEAD and implement study and focus groups. TVEA is ALWAYS interested in participating in discussions which impact our members and our interest in providing effective learning models for our students.

If moving toward alternative work models is critical to TVUSD, then it must LEAD and engage employee groups and well as parents.

Using baseball terminology, there have been two “Called Strikes” against such restructuring ideas through the bargaining process Undoubtedly, using the same unilateral strategy will lead to a swing and a miss with a result of “Strike 3”. Thank you.

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