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TVEA Spotlight @ TVUSD Governing Board

May 2017 TVEA Recognitions

TVEA/CTA WHO Awards- We Honor Ours May 12 in Redlands – Regional Two County Event

  1. Lynn Breen, TLES- IAC since 2003

  2. Alan Underwood, VRMS- CTA State Council/Member Engagement

  3. Peter Ricchio, DMS TVEA Utility Player and Longevity Retired from TVUSD June

Principal Recognition May 24 @ Margarita Middle School based on results of 2016-17 TVEA Principal Survey:

TVEA was pleased to honor six TVUSD Principals for their leadership at their respective sites.

We had three first time honorees and three previous recipients selected:

First time honorees were:Lisa Brown, La Vorgna Elem; Sandy Mc Kay, Temecula Elementary; and Mike McTasney, Gardner Middle

We were also pleased to recognize Jon Cole of Abby Reinke Elementary for a second time, Leilani Russi, Redhawk Elementary for a third time, and perennial honoree Kevin Groepper, Vail Ranch Middle for an amazing eighth time.

TVEA looks forward to welcoming four new members to our twelve person TVEA Executive Board due to 2017 Spring Elections.

  1. Karie Shorack of Vintage Hills Elementary School will serve as one of two Elementary Area Representatives replacing Tammy Iverson

  2. LCAP Specialist Ricardo Salcedo of Temecula Middle School will become our Position Specialist Area Representative replacing Liz Cooke, who retired.

  3. Chris Meglio of Great Oak High School will join our board replacing Raul Miranda who will move to one of our CTA State Council positions.

  4. Steve Campos, Vail Ranch Middle School will serve in the other CTA State Council seat. Two seats were open due to term limits and the June 2017 retirements of TVEA/CTA icons Mitch Brown and Bob Rollins.

TVEA/TVUSD Collaboration: Finally, as the 16-17 school year comes to an end, I would like to thank the district and board for demonstrating a spirit of collaboration with TVEA. I could cite many things yet three major efforts stand out:

  1. TVEA/TVUSD Alumni Recognition Event back November 2016

  2. TVEA Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Event in April

  3. TVUSD “Ringing in Retirement” Event in which the bulk of those recognized were our own members.

Looking ahead to 2017-18, further collaboration will be critical to navigating the year, particularly with fiscal challenges remaining. In anticipation of this, myself and our Bargaining Chair Brian Balaris met with Ray Johnson and Joe Mueller yesterday to begin brainstorming how we might collaboratively approach 2017-18. With the increased costs to employee contributions for health insurance coming in October, TVEA members will not just be receiving a zero increase for 17-18, but in effect a net monthly income reduction. With news of neighboring districts receiving various forms of compensation increases, it is our hope that TVUSD recognizes our members cannot afford to continue falling further behind. It is not just about dollars and cents- employee morale will suffer as well as TVUSD’s ability to attract and retain the highest quality teachers and specialists.

Thank you

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