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TVEA President School Board Meeting Public Comments

For the record I am speaking on behalf of TVEA tonight. One quick note from over the weekend- we held our Fun 2B Fit Event for the 2nd year in a row at Temecula Valley High School Saturday morning. It was a positive day for all involved. First a 5K run, followed by non-competitive field games for our elementary students. It was satisfying to have so many different people contribute to the success of the event. In addition to our own TVEA members, we had more than thirty secondary students volunteer. We also appreciate the assistance from TVUSD in securing the facility for us and especially Superintendent Tim Ritter serving as our honorary 5K starter and Assistant Superintendent Raymond Johnson distributing awards for the 5K run. Mr. Johnson also worked with the elementary students, conducting very impressive sprint heats on the far side of the field.

The other item I wanted to speak to tonight is the upcoming TVEA Principal Survey. TVEA will release the survey to our members next week with the results available in May.

Essentially the survey serves as a vehicle to create a collaborative review between TVEA site representatives and principals of school leadership and culture. The survey can provide insights which reflective leaders can utilize in planning for the next school year. The results are shared with the Superintendent and certain members of the board have requested this information as well. I am sure you are also well aware that TVEA utilizes the survey each year to recognize standout principals.

I would also like to clarify what the TVEA Principal’s Survey is not: First it is not the Principals evaluation- that task is a responsibility of the district, not TVEA. Second, it is not intended as a tool to criticize or throw darts at a particular site supervisor.

TVEA has made some changes to our Principal’s Survey this year. We worked collaboratively with Assistant Superintendent Jodi Mc Clay and designed a survey we believe will be not only more user friendly to our members, but more focused and useful to site principals as well. How have we done this? First, the survey is leaner. What used to be twenty-three questions has been reduced to a “friendly fifteen”. The survey is split into five sections with two to four questions each that mirror the standards upon which the principals receive their evaluation from TVUSD. These areas include Vision and Culture, Organization and Management of Resources, Collaboration and Partnerships, Instructional Leadership, and Professionalism.

TVEA looks forward to implementing what we believe will be a more effective survey and the opportunity to once again honor standout Principals for 2015-16.

Thank you.

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