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TVUSD School Board TVEA Spotlight

1. Negotiations/Contract

  • As I opened with at the last board meeting, “What a difference a year makes!”

  • 1 year ago tonight, I stood before you as President Elect with scores of angry teachers behind me.

  • Feelings of Discontent and Disrespect were rampant amongst your largest employee group.

  • TVEA members had just voted down a tentative agreement for the first time in our 25 year history with only 36% voting YES

  • Tonight I am pleased to announce that last week TVEA membership approved the tentative agreement generated by the TVEA and TVUSD negotiating teams with a 97% YES vote.

  • With the improved structure and tone of negotiations and a timely and up to date contract as evidence, TVEA and TVUSD are at a much different place than we were when I stood before you a year ago.

2. Next Steps

  • Any successful organization (or person) seeks continuous improvement and TVEA will work toward that goal as we enter into 2015-16.

  • We expect to continue to be a strong voice and primary stakeholder in relation to the development of the TVUSD Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

  • When the 2015-16 CA State Budget is finalized, TVEA looks forward to reopening negotiations on Article 7 Compensation and Benefits by October 1, 2015 as agreed to by TVUSD and TVEA.

  • We are also eager to participate in decisions related to utilizing what is expected to be a large sum of one-time Common Core Implementation Funds based on the Governors May Revise.

  • Finally we will continue to expand the scope and reach of our committees. These committees promote member involvement and can promote two-way communication with the district. We are working on creating a Special Education Steering Committee, which will include members from the elementary, middle, and high school instructional levels. In addition, School Nurses, Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, and Special Education Pre-School Teachers will be represented. This group will meet monthly and will seek periodic meetings with District Special Education Staff in an effort to be proactive in addressing the myriad Special Education issues affecting our membership.

3. TVEA Award Winners

TVEA is proud of the efforts of our elected leaders and members. At this time, I would like to publicly recognize our TVEA 2014-15 Award Winners announced in the month of May.

Winners of the TVEA “Super Site Leader Award” are Kerri Bodemer (TES), Karie Shorack (VHES), and Heather Smith (PVES). All of these teachers have gone beyond the basic site leader role and have effectively participated in such areas as Elections, Community Organizing, and Member Recognition.

Melissa Young of (PVES) was named Committee Person of the Year for her efforts in Co-Chairing our Organizing Committee which successfully executed our 1st Annual Fun 2B Fit Event.

Finally, on May 22 3 TVEA Leaders were recognized at a CTA Regional Awards event in Redlands known as “We Honor Ours”. The 14-15 TVEA Winners for Outstanding Service to our Organization are: Kim Evans (GMS), Tammy Iverson (LES), and Dawn Murray-Sibby (TVHS)

TVEA is extremely proud of all of our awardees.

Thank you.

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