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TVUSD Governing Board Public Comments November 10th

Hello Board Members and District Leaders,

As an elementary teacher here in the district, I wanted to express my own thoughts on the reopening plans as well as the results from the TVEA waiver survey. I felt a little uneasy as I read the statement in the email that was sent out stating, "While we are saddened by these results, we understand and respect the need for our teachers and staff to feel safe and protected." I know that I do not speak for all teachers that did not support moving forward with the waiver; however, I do know that my own vote was not cast out of concern for my safety. I was thinking of my students and the classroom environment that the waiver would put them into.

After seeing the proposed schedule, in which young students would be expected to sit at a desk for an hour and a half then get a five (5) minute brain break before continuing with their direct instruction is unrealistic. No outdoor activity, no outdoor recess, no social play, no small group collaboration, limited social interaction, limited use of paper and pencil, limited use of hands-on materials - these restrictions are not conducive to teaching small children. I do not believe that this is what's best for children.

I want the students back in the classroom. I want to be back in the classroom. I just want to give them more of a "normal" school experience rather than one with so many restrictions.

Thank you for your time,

Kari Carlson


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