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School Board Public Comments

Good Evening,

I wanted to recognize the District for their collaborative approach to working with TVEA in examining and making decisions related to instructional models.

Considering schedule model changes, particularly late in the school year, just as students and staff have returned to campuses is not as easy as simply flipping a switch.

In consulting with TVUSD through the bargaining process, TVEA shared survey data from both the secondary and elementary levels. We got feedback from 1144, or 86% of our 1325 members in a three- day period last month.

We shared that a majority of secondary TVEA members supported the combining of student cohorts. In comparison at the elementary level, less than 20% believed such a change along with simultaneous livestreaming to on-line students could be effectively implemented.

Our teachers are trusted, highly trained educated professionals charged with the responsibility to provide the best education possible to TVUSD students.

While teachers alone do not make educational decisions on behalf of the district, it is refreshing to witness such our member’s feedback considered as essential.

It feels like TVUSD was both prudent and pragmatic in considering late adjustments to 2020-21 schedule models and now can clearly navigate the road to a return to full in-person instruction in August.

Thank You


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