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Public Comments November 10, 2020 Governing Board Meeting

TVUSD seems to pride itself on transparency and communication. In fact, those exact words are used in nearly all interactions between teachers and administration. Unfortunately, transparency and communication are two of the most important factors missing and ultimately preventing our district from moving forward in a positive direction. A 3rd teaching model called the "Flex Option" has been shared haphazardly and without clear purpose to some teachers. Some school administrators shared the "Flex Option" with their staff yesterday. Some did not. Some gave teachers a 1-day deadline to decide about which model they would like to teach in. Some did not share a deadline. There are still teachers, right now, that have not heard anything about the "Flex Option." Previously, two teaching models were presented as options. This presentation was hours long with a multi-slide presentation and video. Now, after everyone has been surveyed the district throws out a 3rd option that has not even been shared with parents and asks teachers to choose. Something must be done to ensure that all staff is getting the same information at the same time. Teachers cannot keep getting information thrown at them in such a haphazard way and then still take the blame when we cannot support the district's plan.


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