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TVEA President's Speech to School Board March 3, 2015

Good Evening,

One of the least understood yet most intriguing features of the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), is the responsibility of each district and community to establish and implement a yearly Local Control and Accountability Plan or LCAP.

Under the LCFF, TVUSD received over $4 million dollars in LCAP funding for 2014-15. Based on Governor Brown’s January budget proposal, TVUSD is poised to receive over $6 million LCAP dollars in 2015-16.

In the past, district officials and board members have occasionally lamented over the fact that TVUSD receives less LCAP dollars that other Riverside County School Districts. With its 24% Unduplicated Pupil Count of low Socio- Economic, English Learners, and Foster Youth students, TVUSD receives less LCAP funding as it has less of an obligation to provide a broad and deep array of services than a district with double or triple of such student populations.

The LCAP requires “meaningful engagement of parents, pupils, and other stakeholders” in the creation and updating of the plan.

TVEA has a vested interest in the continued development of the TVUSD LCAP. Government Code Section 3543.2 provides teacher associations the right to consultation over the determination of curriculum, instructional materials, and instructional technology. LCFF legislation expands this right to all aspects of LCAP. TVEA looks forward to a scheduled consultation session with TVUSD Thursday February 19th to exchange information and bring forward informal proposals and recommendations to be incorporated into the updating of the LCAP plan.

Thirty Five (35) of our members including 7 Special Education Program Facilitators and Support Specialists, 7 K-5 Intervention Literacy Specialists, 6 Middle School Language Arts EL Specialists, and 3 High School Supplementary Math Specialists are working under the current LCAP. Some of these positions were previously classified as TOSA’s or Teachers on Special Assignment.

TVEA and its members have a primary connection to many of the LCAP state priorities including Student Course Access, Teacher Credentials and Qualifications, and Common Core Implementation.

TVEA members, who make up a supermajority of TVUSD employees, are highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals ultimately responsible to deliver the LCAP curriculum and programs to best meet student needs.

As primary stakeholders, we look forward to the consultation process and the challenge of developing a progressive and innovative TVUSD LCAP plan which provides the most “Bang for the Buck” in LCAP expenditures.

Thank You

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