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TVEA Spotlight from February 4, 2020 TVUSD Governing Board Meeting

At last week’s Governing Board meeting there were multiple presentations including LCAP Quality Counts, CA Dashboards, and VAPA.

The overall feel from those presentations is that while what we are providing is on the right track, TVUSD needs both more personnel and actions and services to increase student success.

While it is understood education is a people business, and personnel is essential to provide services, I believe we need to be cautious and judicious about what we add to the “people basket” for 2020-21.

After all, I recall just three February’s ago when the Governing Board approved 54 Reduction in Force notices for TVEA members. This caused much duress for these people, their families, and the entire district. If TVUSD could endure a budget crisis as the LCFF “gap” was being fully funded, it seems like this could reoccur. For the last several years our District has reported steady slow declining enrollment which has hindered TVUSD revenue. In addition, during each district financial report, we hear that the threat of the next recession looms.

Last week in Public Comments, we heard a testimonial from a single student regarding his experience in a MAPS classroom. This had a seemingly positive and uplifting effect on both the audience and TVUSD Governing Board.

In the previously aforementioned reports, it was suggested TVUSD should continue everything we are currently doing and add several new actions and services for 2020-21. I am asking the Governing Board to ensure the pot does not boil over.

I would like to link these thoughts to another theme I hope TVUSD can continue to progress on: Culture and Communication.

Our elementary teachers report that “Adverse Behaviors” are still a major challenge at many sites. Yes, things have perhaps improved modestly with the current adjustments in place for 2019-20.

Our middle school teachers have reported frustration with a lack of consistent behavioral guidelines and consequences for their students.

This led to TVEA seeking a Meet and Confer Meeting with the District for the purpose of creating a joint committee to create a common set of student behavior and discipline guidelines for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

I am pleased to share that the outcome of last week’s meeting is that a group of teachers, counselors, and administrators will gather February 28th to start this process.

This is significant as our teachers are the first responders to various student behaviors. Empowering teachers and including them as part of the circle which can develop clear and effective protocols and policies is a wise District practice.

Thank you

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