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TVUSD 2018-19 Public Hearing Comments

This is the fourth year I have been closely involved with the TVUSD LCAP process.

Much improved from a few years ago. The board and district have been proactive at setting a calendar and gathering various sources of feedback during the process.

Gone is the LCAP Advisory which did not seem to have a consistent set of participants nor act as a representative body. The multiple Board Workshops have been accessible to stakeholders and have been well-timed.

The CAPS meetings have created a regional flavor and opportunities for stakeholders to participate in a setting with multiple sites.

I do have three (3) considerations for suggestion I would like to suggest moving forward in the spirit of seeking continuous improvement:

  1. Ensure that there is a Participatory and Transparent Process to determine the utilization of Site Discretionary Funds. Use of LCAP dollars is intended to be a localized discussion of various stakeholders. It would seem inappropriate for site principals to unilaterally direct these dollars to their site budget line items.

  2. Review, Revise and Most Importantly Increase Participation on the TVUSD LCAP Survey. Staff could access the survey during their PLC and or Staff Meeting time.Parents could do so at Spring Showcases or Open Houses. Students could be provided a window during their intervention periods. I suggest the language of the survey be brought down from the lofty use of the 8 State Priorities to more familiar language at the ground level. The survey should be user friendly and be completed in 5-6 minutes maximum.

  3. Make LCAP an ongoing site discussion Beyond CAPS Meetings. While a relatively small percentage of staff attend these evening meetings, a much greater number can provide feedback through site teams and staff meetings collectively during the work day.

Thank you.

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