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Good Evening Governing Board and District Cabinet:

I will leave any official announcement to Mr. Johnson who has a Negotiations Update on the agenda later in the meeting

I did however want to share how pleased I am as the TVEA spokesperson at the progress the Ad Hoc Budget teams and Bargaining teams made in the last two days.I was invited to observe the Ad Hoc Budget Meeting at TVUSD Friday afternoon and then yesterday TVEA hosted Bargaining at our office.

I have been in this district since 1987 and have been involved with TVEA for much of that time.I am so impressed with what the TVUSD and TVEA teams accomplished over those two days. I cannot recall such significant progress and production over a two -day period.

Credit goes to all involved but particularly the chairs of each of the joint committees.Thanks to Brian Balaris of TVEA and Raymond Johnson of TVUSD who spearheaded a very positive bargaining session yesterday.Great work as well by the Ad Hoc Budget Chairs Nicole Lash of TVUSD and Lowena Manzano of TVEA who facilitated the work needed to for a seamless bargaining session.

TVUSD and TVEA agreed to create the Joint Ad Hoc Budget Committee in a December 2015 Tentative Agreement.In just two short years in its implementation we are all starting to see the positive impact of this group.

No doubt there will be challenges ahead.We will continue to share concerns with you such as the RSP Caseload Maximums and Ed Code Compliance.

I am confident that we can problem solve this and other issues with mutual attention and focus.

In closing, I am pleased to see TVEA being accepted as an asset to the operation of the district as well as the employee representative of our members.

TVUSD and TVEA are in a good collaborative place and I appreciate the Governing Board’s role in supporting TVEA’s contributions as well.

Have a good Spring Break.

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