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TVEA Governing Board Meeting Spotlight

Good Evening Governing Board and District Administration and Happy March to Everyone.

I have used this adage before, yet I will say it again: “What a difference a year makes”. One year ago at this time in March 2017, the board approved a potential reduction of Fifty-Six certificated TVEA Positions at its March 7, 2017 meeting. In addition, twenty-one of our members were issued Reduction in Force notices suggesting their employment could be terminated. It was a time of distress not only for our organization but particularly for our members who were directly affected.

Fast Forward to March 2018. Zero Reduction of Our Bargaining Unit’s Positions and Zero Potential Reduction in Force Notices. What a relief to our members and their families! Credit goes to everyone from the District Cabinet, to the Governing Board, to employees who may have adjusted their job title or duties in 2017-18 to create this reality.

I have two pieces of news to share – First regarding TVEA elections: Two of our members were elected last week to serve as Local Delegates specifically representing TVEA at the National Education Association Representative Assembly in Minneapolis, Minnesota this summer. Dawn Murray-Sibby of Temecula Valley High School and Steve Campos of Vail Ranch Middle School will represent TVEA at this national convention of more than 8,000 educator delegates from all over the country. In addition, Steve is a state delegate candidate to represent our region of CTA along with Edgar Diaz of Gardner Middle School and Alan Underwood of Vail Ranch Middle School. Electronic voting for the State Delegate election concludes March 13th.

Finally, I wanted to share that our TVEA OVATION! Member Recognition Program is up and running for Spring 2018. We have twelve recipients this spring up from ten in the fall semester.

Members are nominated by colleagues in such categories as: Volunteering/Community Contributor, Overcoming Challenges/Adversity, Supportive/Team Player, Leadership and Professionalism, Inspiration to Others, and Going the Extra Mile.

Yesterday morning I was at Great Oak High School to present both Jeff MacLean and Maria Castillo their TVEA OVATIONS! This morning we presented an OVATION to Nancy Reza at Temecula Elementary, and this afternoon I had the pleasure of being at Margarita Middle School to provide an OVATION! for Debra Tarantino. Tomorrow afternoon I will be at Susan La Vorgna Elementary to share an OVATION for SLP Elizabeth Portillo and then Thursday morning at Vail Ranch Middle School to award Mary Beutz.

In the coming days and weeks TVEA will be recognizing the following additional members for a 2018 Spring OVATION!

  • Angela Whittle, Jackson Elementary

  • Frank Bantle, Vail Elementary

  • Sarah Mc Gaugh, Temecula Valley High School

  • Melissa Gibson, Vail and TVHS

  • Sarah Tostado, Nicolas Valley Elementary

  • Carrie Richardson, Rancho Elementary

In closing, we are excited about this program and the power of peer recognition. We appreciate the many principals who have allowed us a few moments of the staff meeting time and have supported the recognition by being present.

Thank you

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