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TVEA Spotlight

A few notes before I introduce some students who will assist me in the TVEA Spotlight tonight:

  • TVEA is receiving Nominations once again this week for our TVEA OVATION! Recognition Program for Spring 2018 Recipients. Our Member Engagement Committee will be meeting this month to determine those to be recognized at their sites in March. We presented 10 Ovation awards at eight different school sites in November and December and hope to build on that this Spring.

  • TVEA is interested in working with the District as we did last fall in recognizing TVUSD High School Alumni currently working in the district as TVEA members. I shared this with Mr. Johnson and Mr. Mueller in our recent TVEA/HRD Meeting and I know there is a mutual interest can continue that effort in 17-18. Perhaps the few such new hires for this year could be recognized at a 530 pm Governing Board Recognition.

  • It is LCAP Season once again and I wanted to share that TVEA is looking forward once again to consulting with TVUSD on the 2018-19 LCAP. Our LCAP Committee met last week and we are excited about the group’s efforts under our Vice-President Edgar Diaz who will be acting as chair.

TVEA Consults with TVUSD on February 13th and March 7th

  • Finally, I wanted to share the good work of one of our members, Steve Maxey from Great Oak High School and his students from the Great Oak Math Club. Steve and his students recently conducted a District Wide Middle School Math Competition. I have not had the pleasure of working directly with Mr Maxey, but I have become familiar with his work by attending the yearly Crystal Apple Awards where has been a perennial honoree for his work with students. Unable to attend and share tonight, Mr. Maxey has commissioned his Math Club Officers to share a bit more about the club’s impressive efforts. Please welcome Aaron Farha, Gabriella Goldsmith, Michelle DeMers, and Caelyn Sobie.

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