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Special TVUSD Governing Board LCAP Workshop

The board is to be commended for taking the extra time to dissect, study, and advise on 2017-18 TVUSD LCAP.

I know tonight you are to make some decisions regarding LCAP that are difficult for you and other district stakeholders. I know they are hard for you because at a recent board meeting at least two of you expressed tears when sharing your reflections during public comments.

In the May board meetings, twenty- eight different speakers provided public comments regarding LCAP, many of them passionate and emotional.

Yes, there will a public hearing June 13th and board approval of a final plan at the June 27th meeting. Yet, many stakeholders will be off calendar and away for summer. This is why I hope after taking in all the information and board discussion tonight ALL of us leave here with a clear direction of what will be the composition of the 2017-18 TVEA LCAP.

Stakeholders deserve to know before the end of the teacher/student calendar this week. Please do not leave people hanging into summer. I am not suggesting you hastily make decisions which involve cuts to staff or student programs- I would prefer you had to make none, but people deserve to know. Please stop the TVUSD LCAP bleeding.

The reality is that our 2017-18 TVUSD LCAP issues are heightened by our previous TVUSD LCAP plans. Call it what you want: Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget, A Cadillac LCAP on a Ford Pinto Budget… At least one administrative cabinet member as well as one board member have suggested that the benefits of providing our current LCAP student services justify the costs of reducing TVUSD LCAP personnel for 17-18. Yet a more fiscally prudent LCAP path would have mitigated the fiscal and particularly psychological costs for employees.

TVUSD LCAP Personnel have been through enough pain. Uncertainty, Changing Job Duties, Being Uprooted, Loss of Professional Investment, Involuntary Transfers, Preliminary and Potential Final Layoff Notices, Fear of Not Being Able to Make a House Payment.

Whatever you must do tonight, do it with your best judgement and courage. Please stop the TVUSD LCAP bleeding and clarify where these dedicated hard -working LCAP personnel stand for 2017-18. Thank you.

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