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Special TVUSD Board Budget / LCAP Workshop

Good Afternoon,

I appreciate the opportunity to provide TVEA’s perspective related to the TVUSD LCAP: Past, Present, and Future.

This is the third year I have been involved in sharing TVEA’s input regarding LCAP. Each year we have sought and obtained feedback before consulting with and advising TVUSD.

In our 2014-15 consultation on the 2015-16 LCAP: We surveyed our Leadership Council. This body of elected and appointed leaders represented a cross-section of our various instructional levels and positions. We spoke to two major interests: VAPA and PE programs for elementary students and adding counseling support for high school students.

In 2015-16 consultation on the current 2016-17 LCAP: We surveyed membership about existing TVUSD and comparative district LCAP actions and services. Rather than advocate for specific actions and services we shared two global goals: One: Create site-based awareness of LCAP, utilizing site teams to determine sites’ most pressing needs. Note that the 2016-17 adopted LCAP plan required Site Based Advisories which have not been yet realized. Two: TVEA suggested that Actions and Services be prioritized by the proportion and/or number of LCAP revenue generating students at school sites.

For 2017-18, we recently held site based face to face meetings. Open-ended feedback forms were distributed and collected. We found it useful to distribute a two -sided reference handout consisting of the 2016-17 TVUSD LCAP Actions and Services along with current UDP Counts. It was enlightening to facilitate these meetings as it appeared that many attendees were viewing these critical documents for the first time.

In our first consult meeting with TVUSD in February we appreciate that the district allowed us to share what TVEA gleaned from these site meetings.

Essentially, we expanded on our site-based and proportionality concepts from 2016-17. We look forward to consulting with the district a second time a week from today and getting feedback from TVUSD on what we shared in February.

We continue to take a very thorough and member inclusive approach toward LCAP. Our proposals have been cost neutral and what we believe to be fiscally wise.

As not only teacher advocates, but as advocates for TVUSD students, we bring both invaluable professional knowledge and ideas to the process. Thank you.

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