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School Board Public Comments

There are 1,025 school districts in California. Of those, according to a recent report from School Services, 34 have budgets that are classified as either Qualified or Negative. TVUSD is in this group. We are in the bottom 3% of California school districts for fiscal responsibility.

In the budget presentations here, we’ve been told that the current funding formula is largely responsible for our plight.

However, these 34 districts are from across the socioeconomic spectrum. They are wealthy and poor, large and small, urban and rural. The only trait they share is an inability to effectively manage taxpayer monies.

Board Policy 2110, Superintendent Responsibilities and Duties, states “He/she shall oversee all financial operations of the District.”

Financially, as things stand right now, we are being outperformed by 97% of California school districts. This failure is causing an increasing lack of confidence among employees in district leadership.

Harry Truman famously said, “the buck stops here.” In San Diego Unified, another bottom 3% district, their superintendent is accountable and is showing real leadership. In addition to her slashed salary, and reduced board stipends, 41% of job cuts are taking place at the district office. Can TVUSD match that? You’re poised to cut 54.6 teachers tonight. How many district office positions are you cutting tonight?

We have dozens of employees who are worried about their employment and their family’s well-being. However, in board comments at the last meeting, Mrs. Rutz-Robbins felt it was important to point out that the Poway Superintendent makes more money than our superintendent. Those comments, seeking to justify large administrative pay increases during a time of fiscal crisis, show that she’s completely out of touch with the reality of this situation. Consider the following:

  • Poway is 25% larger

  • Their superintendent has a longer work year

  • And, they aren’t in the bottom 3% of California school districts for fiscal responsibility

A teacher performing in the bottom 3% would likely be referred to the Peer Assistance and Review Program so that they can learn to do things the right way. What accountability measures are you taking for a superintendent that has guided TVUSD into the bottom 3%?

Performance matters. Stop the blame game. It’s time for you to show our community that there is accountability within TVUSD.

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