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TVEA President School Board Public Comments

Good Evening,

I would like to provide an update in terms of TVEA’s efforts related to the November 8th California Ballot Propositions.

TVEA made 3,743 phone calls encouraging support for Proposition 55: The Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act. Thirty of our members plus two community members volunteered between one and six hours of time over five evenings. We first called our own members as well as Orange County teachers. We then extended our calls into such Northern California communities as Santa Rosa and even as far north as Redding. We feel like we did our part and the commitment of our efforts were reflected in the 62% Yes to 38 % No final statewide tally.

Although we did not actively campaign on other California Ballot Measures, we were pleased to see two additional education initiatives passed by California voters. Proposition 51 will provide $9 Billion dollars in school building and modernization. In addition, Proposition 58, endorsed by our parent group CTA will provide flexibility for English-Language Learner Instruction. This seems congruent with the local control and decision making embedded in the LCAP facet of LCFF.

In closing, I would like to publicly address how pleased TVEA is to have partnered with TVUSD in honoring the certificated staff members before tonight’s meeting who graduated from a Temecula High School and are now contributing to educating today’s TVUSD students.

A by-product of preparing for this process was to collect information from TVUSD Alumni Employees in a survey facilitated by TVUSD. One aspect of this was the opportunity to share a memory about a favorite teacher or two.

I will share three publicly tonight, which will give you a taste of what was submitted:

Rob Shea- Vintage Hills Elementary: “Was my 5th grade teacher. He made learning so fun and each day you could see how excited he was to be there. It was contagious in the classroom.

Melissa Casady- Great Oak High School “Student-Centered, Passionate, Encouraging. She gave us a popsicle stick at the end of the year with two positive attributes about us. It was personal and thoughtful. I still have my Popsicle stick”.

Finally, Jim Nolen- Temecula Valley High School

“I cannot say enough good things about him”. He promoted integrity with his students and players and is a good man dedicated to his job and family. He is a truly caring public servant with a spiritually inspired heart”.

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