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TVEA Spotlight

May is a Month of Recognitions and for TVEA this is no exception……

We are proud of the impact the “Heroes” recognized tonight from Azuza Pacific University have had on their school communities. Great work by Mitch Brown, Patty Fullington, and Jesus Guzman.

Each year TVEA recognizes up to three of our 1360 members for recognition of outstanding service to the local association. These WHO Award Winners, for “We Honor Ours” will be recognized at a regional event for local teacher associations in the Riverside- San Bernadino region on Friday May 20th. Our honorees for 2015-16 are Brian Balaris- Temecula Advantage Virtual School Teacher, Rob Clause- Chaparral High School Social Science Teacher, and Melissa Young- Pauba Valley Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher.

TVEA will also be holding a recognition event for our thirty-three 2016 retirees. This will be at 3rd Street Live in Old Town on Thursday May 19th. District Representatives and the School Board have been invited. We appreciate the willingness of the TVUSD Human Resources Department to participate in the event under the direction of Ray Johnson.

We are also excited about honoring not only our Past TVEA Presidents, but our most senior members at our final Leadership Council meeting of the year Wednesday May 18th. The three “oldies but goodies” we will be recognizing for their years of service to TVUSD students are:

#3 Mitch Brown- Susan Nelson High School,

#2 Robert Eilek, Temecula Middle School, and

# 1 Debbie Knapp- Vintage Hills Elementary School. Combined, the three of them have served Temecula students a total of 110 years.

TVEA also looks forward to our 2015-16 Principal Recognition Ceremony on Wednesday May 25th to be held this year at Day Middle School. It is always a pleasure to recognize outstanding leadership for those in such a critical role.

Finally, one more recognition note. I was honored to be invited to the 12th annual Crystal Apple Recognition Ceremony for our high school teachers this past Sunday evening May 1. It is clear that the 117 teachers who were nominated are having a positive effect on our TVUSD students. We are very proud of the three 2016 Crystal Apple Recipients: Amie Charney from Chaparral High School, Reuben Villar from Great Oak High School, and homegrown TVUSD product Derek Heid from Temecula Valley High School.

A couple of other TVEA items:

It is elections week at TVEA. All of our officer positions are being voted on including President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, one of our two Elementary Area Representative seats and one of our three CTA State Council positions are open. This is first actual election utilizing electronic voting with the intent of promoting both voting accuracy and member convenience. Results should be available Monday May 9th.

Finally, TVEA has been quite involved with the LCAP this year. I spoke to this back in March and delivered you a copy of our survey results.

TVEA’s efforts toward the LCAP this year have been threefold:

First, our LCAP Committee:Eight members representing all instructional levels have met regularly since December and conducted a Member Survey with nearly 500 participants. A 10- fold increase in input over last year.

Second, the District LCAP Advisory:3 of our committee members sit on the advisory and several of our members who are also LCAP Specialists participate as well.

Finally, Consulting with the District: We met with the District March 4 and have a second consultation tomorrow May 4 to share and exchange ideas and proposals.

I will speak in more detail about LCAP later in the meeting during the specified time during the public hearing. Thank you

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