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TVEA Spotlight

It is my pleasure to share some TVEA Highlights from the month of February and a friendly reminder about our Fun 2B Fit Event coming shortly after Spring Break.

  • TVEA held a workshop titled “Retirement: The Great Second Half” last Tuesday. An estimated 175 members and guests attended. The STRS pension system was thoroughly reviewed along with laws regarding Social Security offset for educators and Medicare. The event location was rescheduled twice due to the high interest. First it was moved from the TVEA office to the District. Thanks to Debra Jilek for coordinating that. When we passed the 130 mark we contacted the Golden Bear Theater and appreciate Mark Rogers and his staff accommodating us. I believe it is no coincidence that this creates a very high interest amongst our membership.

Speaking of Retirement, TVEA is working on a venue to recognize 2016 retirees. This would be an event we hope to hold yearly. The projected date for that event is Thursday May 19th and we would welcome a representative of the board to attend along with Mr. Ritter.

  • On Wednesday last week, TVEA hosted the first of three meetings for potential retirees in regard to the new Medical Bridge Retirement Program added to the TVUSD/TVEA Collective Bargaining Agreement in January. TVEA worked collaboratively with Risk Management in setting up these meetings conducted by Debbie Jones and her staff. About 25 members attended throughout the afternoon with again high interest in the concept of retirement being the feel in the room.

  • Last Thursday, TVEA leaders visited all 27 School Sites to seek feedback from members as part of what we termed a” Site Visit Blitz”. (Apparently football season DOES in fact extend past the Super Bowl!)

We had teams of 2 go to eight Elementary Sites either in the AM or PM before or after contract hours, with Temecula Luiseno getting a lunch visit along with all middle schools and high schools.Our Executive Board strongly believes that creating opportunities to meet with members at their worksites in a face to face format will build rapport and strengthen our organization as whole.

We did not go to the sites with any specific agenda other than to do a “Listening Tour”. Two basic questions were asked: 1) What is TVEA doing well in representing members? and 2) How can TVEA better serve our members? A discussion ensued related to these two questions and members were invited to anonymously complete a color coded feedback card.We received 365 Comment Cards to utilize in our discernment process.We will be sharing the results of this information with members in our newsletter next week.

My final item is a reminder of one that I have shared before:Our 2nd Annual Fun 2B Fit Event @ Temecula Valley High School Saturday April 16th. This FREE Community Event has two features:A 5K Run for ages middle school and up and Non-Competitive Field Games for Elementary Students. Registration for participants is quickly closing on Friday, yet there is still plenty of time to sign up as a volunteer.

TVEA is seeking district personnel to volunteer in one of three areas:1) Serve as the honorary starter for the 5K event (We have 200 plus people signed up so far, 2) Distribute medals after the 5K race and 3) Support the elementary students on the field during the field games.

Again the date is April 16th.We need you for less than an hour.I believe our school community would prefer to see you folks at the event.We hope to hear from you before the next school board meeting. You can contact our Community Organizing Chair Melissa Young or myself.Any community member here tonight may volunteer for the event by going to the website.

Thank you!

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