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TVEA Public Comments 12/8/2015 for Public Hearing on Waiver Request for By-Trustee Area Election Met

After reviewing the information shared at the November 10 Board Meeting, the TVEA Executive Board has adopted an “Oppose” position to the waiver request.

We find both the motive and timing of this request questionable and believe many find it objectionable. On Slide 19 of the November 10 presentation, a timeline of October 11-December 7 was provided for feedback from “Interested Entities” such as TVEA. Yet TVEA was not delivered notification of the process to submit a position until November 24th.

What evidence has been presented that a protected class has been impaired to elect candidates of their choice in the Temecula District?

What evidence is there that racially polarized voting has occurred in Temecula School Board elections?

The one rationale that has been heard is fear of a lawsuit. Has TVUSD been threatened with such a lawsuit? If so, has TVUSD reacted in the same manner to like threats in other policy areas to avoid potential litigation?

People are asking….Why now and why the rush for the 2016 school board election? The 2014 Temecula School Board election was certainly competitive. Two long time incumbents were defeated and two first time candidates placed 1 and 2 accordingly. In addition, with nearly 53,000 total votes cast, the difference between the 3rd place candidate who was elected and the next three finishers was 108 votes, 468 votes, and 676 votes respectively.

People are asking….Do we have an election system crisis here in Temecula? It appears we have a competitive election system that is well functioning. Circumventing the electorate’s participation to change a system in which they effectively participated in 13 months ago is a poor choice.

If a change to a TVUSD By-Trustee Area Election System is in the best interests of our community, then announce your intent and allow the voters to approve it in the 2016 General Election. This change by voter consent could take effect for the 2018 School Board Election. Thank you.

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