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Key Dates for Lay Off Process - Printable Version

Layoff Notice - March 15th
By this date you will receive an individual notice stating that the Districts intends to lay you off.  The notice must be written and either personally given to you or mailed to you by registered mail by March 15th.

Request for Hearing - Must be turned into the district within 7 days of receiving layoff notice!

The layoff notice will ask if you want a hearing. You DO! The Request for Hearing and Notice of Participation were delivered to you with your letter from the DO! Print two (2) copies of the form and ask the district to time stamp the copy you give them and also one for you to keep.

District Statement of Reduction in Force - You will receive this after you request a hearing

After you serve your request for hearing, the district will respond by serving you with a document called a "District Statement of Reduction in Force."

Notice of Participation - Within 5 days of Service of District Statement of Reduction in Force

As soon as you receive the District Statement of Reduction in Force, fill out the Notice of Participation and give it to the District (Make sure you keep a date stamped copy for yourself). 

Hearing - The time and place of hearing will be announced soon.

A trial type hearing will be held before an administrative law judge (ALJ) over the district's proposed layoff list.  Your CTA representative will tell you when and where the hearing will be. (Usually at the conference rooms at the district office during a school day)

ALJ's Proposed Decision - No Later than May 7th

The ALJ who presided over the trail must give his or her proposed decision to the governing board and employees by May 7th

Notice of Final Decision by Board - No Later than May 15th

The governing board has until May 15th to review the ALJ's decision and issue its decision including its final layoff notices to employees.  The final layoff notices can be served personally or by registered mail. 

Important Documents


If you received a layoff notice you should attend this meeting!

Meeting with GLS Attorney and CTA Representatives to review RIF Process and Documents

March 22nd 4-6pm

Margarita Middle School MPR

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