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TVEA Advocate 2022-2023

We are proud to share that TVEA has won Communications Awards for the Newsletters we produce. TVEA will continue to produce award worthy but more importantly relevant and timely communique's to our membership. We hope you enjoy reading our TVEA Advocate.

Advocate Oct 22.png
October 2022



  • Message from TVEA President

  • Upcoming Site Visits

  • Special Disability and Life Insurance enrollment for New Hires & District Transfers

  • STRS Workshops

  • Know Your Contract!

  • Upcoming New Member and All Member Events

  • Bargaining, Budget and Committee Updates

  • School Board Election News

Advocate Dec 22 (2).jpg
December 2022



  • Message from TVEA President

  • Power of Site Visits

  • Position Specialist Support

  • Know Your Contract! Know your Rights!

  • Legislation News that Impacts You

  • TVEA, CTA & NEA Scholarships

  • Member Benefits

  • Upcoming Events

Advocate May 23.png
May 2023



  • Message from TVEA President

  • Power of Organizing

  • Permanent, Probationary, Temporary Oh My!

  • Professional Development with CTA

  • TVEA Celebrates Life Markers with You

  • Contract MOUs

  • Member Benefits

  • Committee Updates

  • Leadership 2023-2024

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