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TVEA Fiscal Analysis and Reports Committee 

Our Fiscal Analysis and Reports Committee (FARC) reviews and analyzes the TVEA, TVUSD and State Budget and other related documents and reports. The committee comunicates the relevance of these reports to the Bargaining Team and Executive Board.  They also suggest positions for the Executive Board to assume on various fiscal/budgetary issues and the bargaining implications for the Bargaining Team.


If you have information you would like to share with the committee please email our FARC Chair

or one of the members by clicking on their name below.


The FARC is looking for additional members who have an interest in joining the committee. They are especially interested in finding members who are passionate about LCAP, LCFF and Special Education funding. Please contact our FARC Chair and he will be in contact with you. 

FARC Updates





Commitee Members


TVEA Members

Rob Clause (CHS) - Chair

Jim Rowell (TMS)
Mike Wassan (GMS)

Karen Vega (TVHS)

Jeff MacLean (GOHS)

Lownena Manzano (CHS) -Bargaining Liason

2010 - present

Meeting Dates



Fiscal Documents



2010 - present

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