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Presentation of TVEA Petition Regarding Future TVUSD Leadership

Good Evening,

As our teachers and specialists elected spokesperson, I have been sharing TVEA member feedback regarding desired characteristics in a prospective future TVUSD Superintendent.

Our feedback has been received by some with what I would characterize as skepticism, indifference, and at worst dismissiveness.

Governing Board of the Temecula Valley Unified School District: Tonight, I am joined by TVEA Vice-President Edgar Diaz to present to you a TVEA Member Petition from a clear and decisive supermajority of TVEA membership.

This petition as signed by 840 of our teachers and specialists across all 28 school sites starts by:

“Whereas on January 23, 2020 the TVEA Leadership Council voted unanimously to seek a member petition to deliver to the TVUSD Governing Board”

It then declares:

“I support TVEA’s position that the TVUSD Governing Board, which is elected to represent the community, pass an immediate resolution to announce a comprehensive search process inclusive of outside TVUSD candidates for Superintendent for when a vacancy might occur.

What is the intent behind our petition?

First, our petition is about Community. Our members are key stakeholders who are central to TVUSD’s essential mission of educating Temecula’s students. Many of us reside within the district and are either current or previous district parents. Our voices matter.

Second, our petition is about Culture. It is an opportunity to find distance from what has become an increasingly insular TVUSD culture. Rather than a “We Know Best” approach, our community needs a “Let’s Determine What’s Best” mindset.

Third, our petition is about Critical Analysis. We need the Governing Board to embrace a process which first clarifies the specific personal and professional qualities desired in such a significant leadership position, and second to find the best candidate whether they come from inside or outside TVUSD.

Our petition from 840 TVEA members is now submitted and we look forward to your reply. Thank You.

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