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School Board Public Comments

The 2018 Calendar continues to race along. Here it is February and soon we will be in the awards and graduation time of May and June. During late summer TVUSD School Board Candidates must file their official candidacy before the 2018-19 Student/Teacher Calendar begins.

Although I would concur all school board elections are important, I believe this one has special significance in that District 3- the northern region extending into the French Valley Corridor will elect a representative. This region contains three elementary schools and a middle school which all serve as feeder schools into Chaparral High School. No current board member resides in District 3 and to my knowledge no TVUSD school board member has EVER come from current District 3 turf and provided a voice from that region. I also do not believe Chaparral High School has ever had a proud parent or school community representative serve on the Governing Board in manner that Dr. Pulsipher did for TVHS and Dr. Rutz-Robbins has for the Great Oak community.

I am encouraged by the number of District 3 residents who have reached out to me for information as potential candidates. Some are current or past TVUSD north region parents and another is a Chaparral High graduate from the first four year graduating class of 2001.

I believe this region is starving for representation and a voice. With that in mind, I was pleased to hear the District is seeking to reschedule the north region State of the District scheduled for January 31st which was abruptly announced as cancelled the day before. People who contacted me seemed both surprised and disappointed by the cancellation and I think a reschedule is the correct action here.

With the District 3 Election, as well as adjacent District 2 being in play (Currently occupied by Ms. Hinkson) these stakeholders deserve an equal opportunity to receive information and share feedback like the South and Central Regions had in November and December.

It does not matter whether five or fifty attend the event, ten or ten times that. It is about TVUSD District visibility and stakeholder accessibility in a region which has been historically underrepresented in TVUSD Board Governance.

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