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TVEA/TVUSD Alumni Recognition Event

Welcome! Good Evening to All and Thank you for being here! I am both pleased and proud to have this opportunity to honor this special group of TVUSD Alumni Tonight as it is something we have had on our TVEA radar for several months.

TVEA appreciates the collaborative efforts of the Temecula Valley Unified School District, particularly Mr Raymond Johnson, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, his staff, and Public Information Officer Laura Boss.

TVUSD is quickly approaching a district history of 30 years. Many of us who served in the inaugural year of the district are planning toward or have moved into Retirement.

Yet tonight is not about us old timers… It is to recognize and celebrate an emerging generation of educational leaders who are making their mark in teaching excellence. Many have also successfully guided and supported today’s TVUSD students in their pursuit of competitive athletics and the performing arts.

TVEA and TVUSD have identified nearly 100 of our certificated staff members who are “Paying it Forward” by taking what was positive about their own TVUSD student experience and sharing this knowledge and life lessons learned with our students of today. In doing so, they are creating their own legacy.

Those to be recognized tonight have invested in not only our school district, but the entire Temecula community and have made both stronger. Our alumni are truly “Local Heroes” who are inspiring today’s TVUSD Students to reach their own potential.

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